Cibola Search and Rescue

Litter Handling Evaluation

Instructions to evaluators

  1. Equipment and Supplies
    • Two litters (old Stokes and newer litter)
    • litter wheel
    • at least one 200' rope for flaking and packing
    • 40' to 50' ropes for brake and haul lines
    • material for prussics
    • scraps of rope for knot practice/demonstration
    • webbing for securing subjects and knot practice
    • padding materials for litter
  2. Situation
    1. Candidates will tie each knot in the presence of the evaluator
    2. Candidates will be paired and observed tying in a subject. Quality of tie-in will be evaluated according to standard.
    3. Starting with subject tied into litter, candidates will walk evaluation course and be evaluated on performance.
  3. Training Officer Duties
    • Ensure that all equipment is available
    • Lay out litter transport course according to standard:
      • quarter mile minimum length (440 yards)
      • segment with 10-30% grade (10-30 foot elevation change in 100 feet, 30-90 foot elevation change in 100 yards, etc.)
      • pass-through and lift over obstacle (may be man-made)
  4. Evaluator instructions
    • Ensure that all required equipment is present at your station
    • Enter your name, the date and candidate's name on checklist
    • Place a "P" next to each skill which was demonstrated successfully and an "F" next to any skill not demonstrated successfully.
    • If all skills demonstrated successfully mark checklist with "P", otherwise mark with "F"
    • return completed checklist to training officer for archiving.
    • Each evaluator should be evaluating one candidate for the knot skills and tie-in phases. One evaluator or more should evaluate a whole litter team during the litter transport course.

Litter Handling Evaluation

Skill checklist