Search and Rescue

Cibola's Officers

President: Tony Gaier
Vice President: Damond Vigil
Secretary: William Kennedy
Treasurer: Eric Krosche
Membership: Evan Ashcraft

Contacting Cibola SAR

Mission Activation

Cibola SAR is activated only through the New Mexico Department of Public Safety, and only participates in missions for which an official DPS mission number has been issued.

Electronic mail

All correspondence regarding this website may be sent to, which is the address used by the web staff. Electronic mail intended for the officers may also be sent to them in care of this address. We do not provide individual email links for the officers because of the widespread use of address harvesting programs by senders of unsolicited commercial email.

Please be aware that the team receives a tremendous volume of spam due to our having had a stable email address on the web for over ten years. By "tremendous volume" I mean hundreds of emails a week, with less than 1% being legitimate email. If you do choose to contact us via email, please make sure that your subject line is very descriptive and clear, as most of the people who read the team's email have gotten a bit too agressive lately in deleting our mail. The more your mail stands out as legitimate on cursory examination, the better. Our email address also has some very aggressive spam filters, and sometimes legitimate email gets caught in them. If you send a legitimate email to the team address and do not get a response within a week, you might well assume that your message got lost in the pandemonium; please try again.

If you are considering contacting us to ask for a patch for your collection, or to inquire about full-time jobs in SAR, please look first at our Frequently Asked Questions list, as those questions are answered there.

Paper mail

Paper correspondence to Cibola SAR or any of its officers may be sent in care of:
Cibola Search and Rescue
P.O. Box 11756
Albuquerque, NM 87192

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