Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 10, Issue 4
14 April 2005
Editors: David Dixon, Mike Dugger, and Tom Russo

Cibola Search and Rescue
"That Others May Live..."
Top of the Hill Boots and Blisters Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes
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Top of the Hill by David Dixon , President
Our members have had some great missions lately, as field responders, medical personnel and incident staff. It's great to be all over the map when it comes to saving lives. And if you haven't read all the listserve comments, especially if you weren't on the missions, you are really missing out. From Tom's great first person accounts as an FC to comments from our veteran responders, newbies working their first missions and sage advice from our top medics there is learning experiences for all. The best parts involved sharing and working together as a team.

Another way to give to the team and work together as a member is by attending ESCAPE, the state SAR conference, next month in Glorieta. It's also another way to learn lots about search and rescue and always great to see lots of orange shirts in attendance. Get your application in early so you are one of them.

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Boots and Blisters by Mike Dugger, Training Officer
Eight members attended our Search and Rescue Fundamentals course on March 12 at Elena Gallegos. This was an experiment, to try and provide basic training on the field components of the three skill categories that we test members on annually. I think it was a success. Many thanks to Steve Buckley and Tom Russo for co-instructing with me, and making it possible to get through so much material in a single training.

The instructors met at the picnic area early to set up the land navigation and search techniques portions of the training, and to pick a route for the litter hauling exercise. The attendees who wanted practice with litter packaging tied a subject (Steve Buckley) into the litter, and the team did a short haul over some challenging terrain. The large snowfall on the mountain this winter created a rushing stream through Elena Gallegos, and the team crossed it and the loose banks while giving Steve a comfortable ride. After the litter hauling portion, the team conducted a small grid search. In this case, the clues were playing cards (similar to how NASAR runs this test) and members were spaced at what we felt was critical separation for this size clue and the terrain. Tom Russo calculated that it would take the team 28 minutes to search the area he had defined, and they finished in exactly that time. However, the only "problem" was that they should not have achieved the 90% probability of detection that they did! Finally, some of the attendees practiced resectioning and walking a compass course. We had a short course set up with three points to navigate, and then worked through terrain identification and plotting. The entire training took about 3.5 hours - not bad for covering so much material.

Our next training will be a mini-mock search on Sunday, April 17 at 9:00 AM. It will be located at a trailhead on the east side of Sandia Peak, but the exact location has not been determined as of press time. Be sure to check the hotline for the training location. The goal of this training is to provide members on some insight on how missions are initiated and what goes on in base camp before we get there and while teams are in the field. There will also be a field exercise on this training. Bring your full SAR packs and be prepared to work.

The officers discussed and approved a special training credit for search techniques evaluations for the remainder of calendar year 2005. As discussed previously at our business meeting, we are modifying our search techniques evaluation to improve the uniformity of application and to consider adding a hasty component. For the remainder of 2005 members can satisfy the annual evaluation requirement for search techniques by simply showing up to an evaluation session and helping us work through some trials of new approaches. In addition, to encourage as much participation as possible at these trials, members will get training credit for any additional search techniques evaluations they attend beyond the first one used to satisfy the evaluation requirement.

I am still looking for volunteers to set up a couple of trainings. These involve contacting other organizations and arranging training with them. Please contact me if you are willing to help out.

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Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes by Aidan Thompson, Secretary

Minutes of March 2005 Meeting

The meeting started at 19:42. Mike Dugger presided. David Dixon was not present, due to a medical condition that he is dealing with. Mike reported on David's status. He communicated David's wish to continue his work as team president and stated that David has the full backing of the officers on this.

Training Officer's Report

Winter Training: 8 people attended, 7 stayed the night. The snow was deep, not very cold. The wind was high. Lots of 4x training was had in the morning. Sat March 12, there will be a SAR fundamentals training at Elena Gallegos. Topics to be covered are: Litter Haul, Search Techniques, Land Navigation. Goal is to get everyone done in 4 hours. Training will be conducted by Dugger, Russo, and Buckley.

The April training will be a mini mock search.

Membership Officer's Report

David DeJong and Patrick Griebel have completed their orientation and are now prospective members.

Gear Commitee Report

Mark is soliciting suggestions for new equipment purchases. One member suggested new team radios: Icom's are available for $200 a piece. In addition, 3 people are interested in purchasing Icom's. There is an on-going issue with group-only pagers: they issue an audio alert when set to vibrate mode. Mark will check with Contact about getting this fixed.

Medical Committee Report

Mike mentioned that WFRs need to put in WFR training receipts to treasurer to get reimbursed.

He also requested an additional reimbursement of $15 per person to cover an additional fee. A motion was proposed and seconded. It passed with 11 votes for, none opposed.

PR Committee Report

Adam reported on the SAR presentation made to a class at TVI. The next upcoming event is a presentation to the New Mexico Back-Country Horsemen.

Old Business

New Business

The meeting ended at 20:30.

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