Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 10, Issue 6
9 June 2005
Editors: Tom Rinck, Mike Dugger, and Tom Russo

Cibola Search and Rescue
"That Others May Live..."
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Top of the Hill by Mike Dugger, Acting President

David Dixon

Family Man, Teacher, SAR Volunteer, Friend

May 16, 2005

Cibola Search and Rescue and the entire SAR community lost a dedicated volunteer and friend on May 16 when our President, David Dixon, passed away. Search and rescue was important to David, and his wife Rose asked that Cibola be represented at his wake and memorial service on Friday May 20, and funeral mass on Saturday May 21. We had at least fifteen people at the wake, in our orange shirts at Rose's request, and Steve Buckley gave a beautiful eulogy on behalf of the team. Larry Mervine, Mike Dugger and Dennis Barnhardt also offered a few comments and stories in David's remembrance. A funeral mass was held the next morning which many Cibola members also attended along with James Newberry, the New Mexico SAR Resource Officer, and other members of the SAR community.

Most of what should be said has already been said, and some of those testaments to David's dedication and participation in search and rescue appear below. We will miss him, and carry on in his honor. David was cremated and his remains placed (fittingly) inside a fly fishing bag, pinned all over with flies by attendees of the memorial and funeral services. And, a team patch from Cibola Search and Rescue was tucked into a side pocket just before the vault was sealed, so that he can be close to his team forever as he was in life.

Excerpt from David Eulogy

The average Cibola member stays on the team for about three years. Dave served over eight years, joining the team in September, 1997. He is part of a small group of "veterans" who have shaped Cibola's capability and character to make it the team it is today. Dave participated in at least 37 missions, helping to save many people in need. He also served as Cibola's Public Relations chair, editor of the newsletter, Secretary, Membership Officer, and President (twice). Dave served the team as a leader; going the extra mile, for most of his time on the team. Dave was also qualified as a SAR manger under the Incident Command System and was one of Cibola's original cadre of Wilderness First Responders.

During his tenure with Cibola SAR, Dave represented the brightest and best of the SAR community. He was always trying to make the team better, and was willing to do what it took to make positive changes. He conducted numerous trainings and evaluations -- keeping the team strong and qualified. He supported practice missions that benefited the entire New Mexico SAR community. He was an effective officer, strong team member, patient mentor to those of us "learning from the master", and above all...a good friend. Dave never lost sight of the reason we all participate in SAR...helping the subjects. Many people in trouble in the wilderness benefited from Dave's skill and dedication.

Rose and family, Cibola regrets your loss. Thank you for loaning Dave to us so that our team and the subjects could benefit from his skill, wisdom, and effective support. Cibola SAR and the entire New Mexico SAR community are weaker without Dave's participation. As we move on from here I will pledge that Cibola SAR will endeavor to keep true to the motto that Dave held so dear..."so that others may live!"

Steve Buckley

Several years ago Dave and I conducted our summer bivy training at San Gregario Lake near Cuba. Dave and I both brought fishing gear. Despite several hours of fishing, neither of us caught any fish. I want to publicly state that Dave and I had the same reason for not catching any fish...there were no fish in the lake. The proof of this is obvious to anyone familiar with Dave's skill as a fisherman...HE didn't catch any...ergo there were none there.

Larry Mervine

We lost not only a team mate, but also a friend this May. David was committed to making this team the best it could be. He showed his commitment by being an officer many times during his eight years on the team. I can remember his first training and was impressed by his outdoor skills from the start. He continued learning by becoming a licensed Ham operator, ICS section chief and Wilderness First Responder. I'll always remember David as being a professional at any task given to him and on missions. We will miss his knowledge, commitment, and presence at meetings, trainings, and missions.

Mike Dugger

When David first told me he was ill, he still expressed concern for our team. He wanted to fulfill his duties as president, but realized that he was going to have a fight on his hands and needed to focus on that. Still, he kept in touch with the officers and wanted to help out as much as he could. Just recently, when he had to resign to fight his illness, David told me in private that he thought of members of the search and rescue community as family. His actions and willingness to serve not only on missions but as part of the administration was demonstration of that. David touched many lives as part of New Mexico Search and Rescue. As a field responder, he had a consistent record of participation in missions from the time he joined to the present, in which many lives were saved. Through terms as an officer he helped the entire organization work smoothly, and enabled new generations of members to effectively serve the community. And as a friend he was always willing to help share the workload when one of us needed a hand. David's contributions increased the effectiveness of our entire organization, and will leave a lasting mark on every member. Several times in various offices for our team, David closed his article in our newsletter with the phrase, "good searching." It was a privilege to search with David, and we will continue serving our community in his honor. David's contributions will not be forgotten. It was an honor to wear orange one more time in the presence of our team mate.

Terry Hardin

David was a hard worker, good leader, had a concern for others, was dedicated to the team, diligent to get the job done, always put in the extra effort (such as doing the WFR, trainings, leadership positions, etc.), and had a positive attitude with regard to dealing with his cancer. In general he was just an all around good guy! We, as a team, were honored to work side by side with him and we will miss him. May God's grace shine upon him.

Aaron Hall

I remember listening to David doing an orientation for a new member. As he finished the orientation he explained that to be effective at Search and Rescue you have to make it a priority in your life, right behind work and family. He remarked something to the effect, "If you can't make it a priority, why are you here?" I think Dave certainly made Search and Rescue a priority in his life and he had the right attitude toward helping others.

Chris Murray

David was an experienced member when I joined the team over five years ago. It seems as though during that whole time he has been in a position of responsibility, whether it was being President or chairing the Public Relations committee, he was always giving the extra effort. While that has always made an impression on me, the non-SAR side of David also stays with me. I remember being on a training with him in Del Agua Canyon, south of Placitas. We were doing a GPS training and we were being lead over peaks and down arroyos and generally bush-whacking in some pretty nasty places. I had been noticing some strange rock formations and wondered out loud how they were formed. That was when David chimed in and told me exactly how they were formed. The older granite had fissured and magma was forced up through the cracks. He then he showed me how other formations had occurred. He told me he knew this because he had a degree in Geology. It was great - that bit of information really furthered my knowledge and enjoyment of the mountains. After that I always looked forward to being in the mountains with David, so I could glean a few geologic tidbits from him. But my favorite times were talking with him about our common love of fly-fishing. David had fished all over New Mexico and Colorado, so whenever I was heading out to fish somewhere I would grill him about the best spots or types of flies to use. He was always more than happy to give me much needed advice. I found out that we both had a favorite fishing spot in common, and that a monster fish lives there. I wasn't able to catch it last year, but maybe with David looking over my shoulder, this year I can. I'm sure he'll be there with me. Whether fishing or strapping on a SAR pack, David's leadership and friendship will be there to encourage me to go the extra mile as he would have done. Thanks David for being a mentor to all of us.

In closing, as David would have said, "Good Searching."

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Boots and Blisters by Mike Dugger, Training Officer
We had eight members attend ESCAPE, the New Mexico annual search and rescue conference at the Glorietta Conference Center near Santa Fe. New members of the board of the New Mexico Emergency Services Council were also elected, so we look forward to the training they plan for the next year at the state level. There was also a PACE session, where we had a prospective member take the New Mexico field certification test and pass.

There will be at least two team-endorsed trainings in June. The first is a special training set up by Adam Hernandez, on low angle litter handling. Adam contacted Kevin Silver, one of our friends from the Albuquerque Mountain Rescue Council (AMRC), who agreed to lead the training for us. This will be a great opportunity for our members to learn about raise systems, anchors, brakes, etc. from one of the state's technical experts. This training takes place on Saturday, June 4 at 8:00 AM at Embudo Canyon. The next training for June will be man-tracking, offered by our own Chris Murray. Note that this is a change from the previously published schedule that had to be made due to difficulty finding an instructor for Wilderness First Aid. Chris will have a classroom component followed by some field work. We will meet at 9:00 AM on June 12 at Tijeras Ranger Station.

Next month we will have a repeat of the SAR Fundamentals course for members who wish to brush up on basic skills such as land navigation, litter packaging and hauling, and search techniques. The Wilderness First Aid course is on for August.

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Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes Aidan Thompson, Secretary

Minutes of May 2005 Meeting

The meeting started at 19:15. Mike Dugger presided. Mike read a message to the team from Dave Dixon. David decided to step down as President so that he could focus on his Melanoma treatment. Mike made the suggestion that a plaque be made for Dave from team members. Members present generally agreed, and Bob Baker will be leading this up.

Training Officer's Report

Mike Dugger reported that the mini-mock search went well. They had an Incident Commander (Tom Russo), a subject (Susan Corbin), and were able to field 4 teams. Training this month is ESCAPE. The end of the 2005 January-June training period is almost up, and several members need to attend more training. A tabulation of training and evaluation attendace was available for members to check their status. Next month's training is planned to be Wilderness First Aid on June 12. In addition, May 25-28 will be the NASAR conference in Oakland, CA. Mike will give training credit to anyone who attends.

Membership Officer's Report

Two prospective members have almost reached full member status - Norton Francis and Roger Campbell. Also the Bronze Boot was awarded to David Chapek for his performance on a late spring meeting. David was not present at the meeting.

Secretary's Report

Nothing to report

Treasurer's Report

Mark Espelien mentioned that he was to try to increase our donations through the United Way by making team members aware that they should contact co-workers and ask that they designate donations directly to Cibola. The budget for 2005 was distributed and read by everyone present, followed by a brief discussion. Tom Russo moved that it be passed, and Alex Fischer seconded the motion. It passed with a vote of 7 for and 0 against.

Gear Committee Report

Nothing to report

Medical Committee Report

Mike mentioned that many CE's are available at ESCAPE. Be sure to get certificates if you wish to use them for renewal of EMS licenses.

PR Committee Report

Mike reported that the Albuquerque Optimists club had left a message on the Voicemail. Alex Fisher will contact them.

Library Committee Report

Tom Rinck passed out a list of books and prices he had found regarding subjects related to SAR. Members were invited to contact Tom with any other suggested books, and Tom will prioritize these to a list that should be acquired to start the library.

Search Techniques Committee

Tom Russo discussed search area size, and the results of the last evaluation. Green flower pots of various size were used in the grid search area, and the size selected to be searched in one hour. The team finished in the allowed time, but with a probability of detection of over 90 percent, suggesting that the estimated searcher separation was too small for the terrain. There was also a "hasty" or trail search, where pots were placed off a trail, but within 20 feet. Members had to walk the ~900 foot trail in 5 minutes and identify as many clues as possible. In general, only about half the clues were found. Lighting changes during the morning were found to change the visibility of clues.

Old Business


New Business

Mid-Term Election:

Nominations were taken for President (David Dixon stepped down). Dennis Barnhart nominated Adam Hernandez, Bob Baker nominated Alex Fischer, Mike Dugger nominated Tony Gaier, Alex Fischer nominated Steve Buckley, Tom Rinck nominated Aaron Hall, Mike Dugger nominated Tom Rinck, Alex Fischer nominated David Chapek, Larry Mervine nominated Terry Hardin, Alex Fischer nominated Art Fischer

Other Volunteers Requested:

Mike Dugger asked for volunteers to help out with the newsletter and with the team website. Tom Rinck will get with Tom Russo to help out with newsletter editing, and Roger Campbell offered to help Tom Russo with the website.

The meeting was adjourned at 20:29.

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Who's Who and New by Bob Baker, Membership Officer
It is my distinct pleasure to welcome two new active members to the team. Please congratulate Roger Campbell and Norton Francis. We will "Patch" them at this months meeting. Roger is a small business owner and Norton works for UNM. Welcome to the Team guys!

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