Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 11, Issue 10
12 October 2006
Editors: Tom Rinck, Mike Dugger, and Tom Russo

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Top of the Hill by Tony Gaier , President

We are now down to the last three evaluations for the year. This month's evaluation is October 22 at 9:00AM. The October evaluation is a search techniques evaluation and the location is still to be determined. The November evaluation is land navigation at Bear Canyon Trailhead and it is on November 18th at 9:00AM. The last scheduled litter handling evaluation is December 17th at 9:00AM. It will be located at Three Gun Springs Trailhead. If you plan to attend any of these evaluations please leave a voice message on the hotline as soon as possible. There are a great number of members still requiring one or more evaluations by the end of the year, so please check your evaluation records on the website. Please email or call me if you have any questions or concerns.

This month's business meeting opens nominations for both officer positions and The David Dixon Memorial Award. If you or someone you know would like to run for office, please do one of the following: come to either the October or November business meeting with your nominations, email your nominations to a current officer, or "snail mail" them to the CSAR P.O. box, to arrive no later than 5:00PM, November 9th. The submission timeline requirements are the same for The David Dixon Memorial Award. All nominations close at the end of the November business meeting.

Mission Callout - 101: The following are the current guidelines for mission callouts. Top-of-Trees need to call the hotline and leave a message stating they have or are calling their tree and if they are going to attend the mission. Everyone else should call the hotline a.s.a.p. and indicate whether or not they are attending the mission (NA for person handling the callout). This gives the person handling the mission "Situational Awareness" on the progress of the callout and whether future requests for additional callouts are needed. When the person handling the mission is periodically checking the messages they may determine that one of the tree tops is not calling their tree by either no messages being left by members of that tree or the tree top not leaving a message indicating he is calling his tree. If the person handling the mission suspects that a given tree has not been activated, they need to call that tree top and verify that he is or has activated the callout of his tree. If the tree top doesn't answer, the person handling the mission is required to call that tree or delegate the callout to some other member of the team. If you have run a callout before, you know that you are busy enough without having to call someone's tree to verify if they got a call or not. If you do not want to listen to the whole message on the hotline and just want to leave a message do the following: As soon as the message begins to play hit the # key, and then you can immediately leave your message and hang-up. If you have a question concerning mission callout, again feel free to give me a call or send me an email, with your question.

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Boots and Blisters by Mike Dugger, Training Officer

We have had two training opportunities in the last month. On September 16, I conducted a litter training including practice with knots and packaging with our new strapping system. Afterwards, we hauled the litter into Three Gun Canyon and rigged a 3:1 low angle raise system and a lowering system using alpine brake tubes. We raised and lowered the litter a couple of times so that everyone had a chance to practice. Some members are getting pretty comfortable with this system, so that when called upon to assist in a low angle rescue, they will be able to do more than pull on the end of a rope.

The second training opportunity was a navigation training led by Tony Gaier. The focus of this training was GPS usage and route finding. Two teams were fielded, and navigated from point to point on two separate courses. An initial GPS coordinate was given, and then the teams made their way through the course by navigating to the next point given on an index card at the prior point. Teams had to plot the points on a map and find the best route to the points by following a trail, ridge, etc. The coordinates were given in a different datum than the map, so participants had to switch back and forth. The cards were small and off-trail, so being off more than a few meters would make them impossible to find. This required good knowledge of GPS and route finding.

The regularly-scheduled training for October will be tracking, led by Chris Murray on the 15th at 9:00 AM. This training will begin with a classroom session at the Tijeras Ranger Station, followed by a field component. If you missed Chris' training last year, I strongly encourage you to attend. He does a great job, and you will learn a lot.

The training events for the rest of the year will involve partnerships with other teams in the area, with whom we frequently work in district 5. On November 11, we will have a joint training with Sandia Search Dogs on working with canine search teams. Finally, on December 10, we will train with New Mexico SAR Support on communications, GPS, APRS, etc.

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Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes by Alex Fischer, Secretary
Members Attending Members in Attendance: Mike Dugger,Bob Baker,Tom Russo,Mark Espelien,Roger Campbell,Terry Hardin,Dennis Barnhardt

Perspective Members in Attendance: Vincent Pirato,Randy Ferrin,Mike Krawtschenko

New Faces: Tamara Allen Wolf

Special Guest: James Newberry

President's Report

October meeting will open nominations for Officers for 2007, All positions are open, we need help leading the team. We need to think about the annual Christmas party. At least 60% of the team need at least 1 or more eval. We have 1 land nav, 1 search tech, and 2 Litter left.


Welcome to Steven, There will be a PACE Exam in the next month or so, we have 3 perspectives in need of the PACE exam. Sept. 28th retirement party for Bob Baker team invited.

Secretary's Report

Meeting minutes reviewed by Mike Dugger, Roger Campbell motioned to pass, Bob Baker 2nd motion, motion passed 7 for 0 against.

Treasurer's Report

Balance of accounts reported.

Training Officer's Report

Litter haul - 0900 Saturday at Three Gun Spring TH, low angle training. -Tracking Class October 15th, possible at Tijeras Ranger Station. November 11th Sandia SAR Dogs training. December 10th, SAR Support Training, GPS, Mapping, APRS, etc... SARTECH discussion and encouragement.

Medical Committee Report

Discussion in regards to new medical director. Mike will be meeting with Dr. Garza a potential new medical direcctor on 15, September. Anyone interested in medical can see Mike (WEMT, WFR, Wilderness First Aid).

New Issues

Discussion about Contact vs. Qwest.

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Who's Who and New by Tom Rinck, Membership Officer
We are down to the last three months of the year. There are only three more evaluations on the calendar and five opportunites for training. If you are deficient in training or evaluations, please take advantage of all that is being offered.

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Medical News by Mike Dugger
Some of you have heard the news already, but I delayed making a formal announcement until it was official. CSAR has a new Medical Director! Our former MD, Kevin Nufer, asked me a few months ago to start looking since he was trying to reduce involvement in some activities to focus on his family. My inquiries quickly led to Jan Schmidt, an administrative associate at UNM's Emergency Medicine Program. After a few misses, Jan got me in touch with Dr. Alexander Garza. Dr. Garza is relatively new to Albuquerque, but is no newbie to emergency medicine. In fact, he has experience as an EMT prior to going to medical school, as a helicopter medic, and as a battlefield medic with the Army reserve. I don't think we could ask for a more qualified Medical Director. I am very grateful that Dr. Garza volunteered to help us, and I hope we have a long association together. I also want to express my deepest thanks to Jan Schmidt, who stuck with us until we found Dr. Garza, and endured my constant pestering with a smile.

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