Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 11, Issue 11
9 November 2006
Editors: Tom Rinck, Mike Dugger, and Tom Russo

Cibola Search and Rescue
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Top of the Hill Boots and Blisters Who's Who and New
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Top of the Hill by Tony Gaier , President
We are now down to the last two evaluations for the year. The November evaluation is a land navigation at Bear Canyon Trailhead and it is on November 18th at 9:00AM. The last scheduled litter handling evaluation is December 17th at 9:00AM. It will be located at Three Gun Springs Trailhead. If you plan to attend either of these evaluations please leave a voice message on the hotline as soon as possible. There are a great number of members still requiring one or more evaluations by the end of the year, so please check your evaluation records on the website. Please email or call me if you have any questions or concerns.

This month's business meeting closes nominations for both officer positions and The David Dixon Memorial Award. If you or someone you know would like to run for office, please do one of the following: come to the November business meeting with your nominations, email your nominations to a current officer, or mail them to the CSAR P.O. box, to arrive no later than 5:00PM, November 9th. The submission timeline requirements are the same for the David Dixon Memorial Award. All nominations close at the end of the November business meeting.

There will be a Hike of the Month November 25th, 2006. The hike will start at the Embudo Trailhead at 9:00AM. Call me or see the calendar entry for this event for details.

Please thank Mike K. for volunteering his home this year for our annual Christmas party and business meeting. It will be on December 16th, at 6:00PM. A CSAR list server message will be sent out with details a few weeks prior to the party.

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Boots and Blisters by Mike Dugger, Training Officer

Last month on October 15, Chris Murray led a man-tracking training. Seven members and prospective members participated in this training. The training began with a presentation by Chris on the types of sign left by people when they move through an area. After the presentation, participants practiced techniques for recognizing sign at a trailhead in the east mountains.

The regularly-scheduled training for November will be a joint training with Sandia Search Dogs on November 11 at the Strip Mine Trailhead, near Placitas. The purpose of this training is to raise awareness in our members on how to work as part of a dog team when requested to do so. Participants will also get some additional practice in litter packaging and hauling. Bring your full SAR pack, as always, and be prepared to do some searching and litter hauling.

Hike of the MonthEmbudo Trail (# 193)0900, Nov 25, 2006
Trailhead: Embudo
R.T. Distance: 6.4 milesElevation Min/Max: 6180/7860
Hiking Time 4 hoursHazards: Loose rocks, possible ice/snow
Topo Maps: Tijeras
Hike Coordinator: Tony Gaier
Will meet at Embudo Trailhead parking lot at 9:00AM (East end of Indian School). Hike will be to trail #194 (Three Gun Spring Trailhead) and back to the trailhead. We may hike to the south peak if everyone would like to extend the hike.
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Who's Who and New by Tom Rinck, Membership Officer

There are two upcoming PACE exams. Bob Baker has a PACE exam tentatively scheduled for November 19th. It will be held at 1pm at the National Weather Service, which is located near the Albuquerque Sunport. There will also be an additional PACE exam in Santa Fe on December 2nd. If anyone is interest in either of these exams, please speak with Bob Baker.

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