Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 11, Issue 8
10 Aug 2006
Editors: Tom Rinck, Mike Dugger, and Tom Russo

Cibola Search and Rescue
"That Others May Live..."
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Top of the Hill by Tony Gaier , President

Two team members attended and passed the July search techniques evaluation. This month's evaluation is on August 27th, at 9:00AM. It will be a land navigation evaluation at an area near Placitas, please see the website calendar entry for detailed direction to the location. The September evaluation will be on the 23rd at 9:00AM. It will be a litter handling evaluation, it will be located at Three Gun Springs Trailhead. The last search techniques evaluation for the year is October 22nd, there are 7 people on the team who still need this evaluation. If you plan to attend an evaluation please leave a voice message on the hotline as soon as possible.

Believe it or not, it is growing close to that time of year again, officer elections and nominations for the David Dixon Memorial Award. Nominations for both should be made at the November business meeting or made in writing and mailed to the PO Box so they will be available for the November business meeting. If you're interested in running for an officer position or have someone in mind for the David Dixon award, please feel free to contact a current officer if you have any questions.

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Boots and Blisters by Mike Dugger, Training Officer

We had two training opportunities in July. On Sunday, July 9, we had a map and compass training at Bear Canyon trailhead. This consisted of topics that are on our land navigation evaluation, such as recognizing terrain, walking bearings, and using a map and compass to locate your position on a map to within 200 meters. We also went over some GPS operations like checking and changing map datum, entering and then plotting coordinates. Secondly, I gave training credit for Tony Gaier's hike of the month on August 5, on the Sandia Crest trail. We hiked from the upper parking lot to the intersection of Tree Spring trail, and did some navigation practice along the way. A member of the group would pick a feature to walk to, such as a trail intersection, and enter those coordinates from the map into a GPS. We then walked to that location and noted how far off the GPS said we were once we got there. It was a good illustration of the accuracy of GPS, and how man-made features on the map may not always stay in the same place as when the map was created!

On Saturday, August 12, we will have our summer bivy in the Pecos wilderness. The basic idea is to get newer members comfortable spending the night with the gear you would carry in your search pack. No poor slobs humping sleeping bags in to US so that we can spend a comfortable night out! Please bring your search pack containing the items that you would normally carry in the summer. If you carry an extra duffle to missions with stuff like a sleeping bag or bivy sack "just in case," then that is fair game for this training since you could elect to take that with you on a mission if there was a high probability of being out overnight. We will hike in a few miles, camp, and then go over some training topic such as lightning safety (we might need it). Participants should also be prepared to hike, make, and break camp in the rain. There are lots of beautiful trails in this area, and interested participants may elect to go for a moonlit hike after setting up camp. Details will be posted on the voicemail hotline, and discussed at our August business meeting. The plan is to depart Albuquerque around mid-day on Saturday the 12th. We will drive up, hike in and spend Saturday night in the Pecos. Sunday morning we will hike out and drive back to Albuquerque, probably arriving at about noon. You can also bring a special item for dinner if you like. I have seen everything from steaks and salmon fillets to MREs and beef jerky on our bivys. If you decide to cook, remember that this is bear country.

Hike of the MonthCerro Blanco Peak0800, Aug 26, 2006
Trailhead: Fourth of July
R.T. Distance: 6 milesElevation Min/Max: 7700/8800
Hiking Time 5 hoursHazards: Loose rock and slippery mud
Topo Maps: Bosque Peak, NM
Hike Coordinator: Tony Gaier

Hike will start at 4th of July Campground. We will hike to Cerro Blanco Peak via trail# 173 and 79.

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Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes by Alex Fischer, Secretary

Minutes of 13 of July, 2006 Business Meeting

President's Report

Tony passed out pager sign up form. Mentioned switch to notifyall system, and all the switches. Hike of the month July 29th, at 0900 lower crest parking lot, hike to S. Peak. Search Tech. Eval on July 22nd, at Embududo. August Land Nav on 8/27 @ Bear Canyon.


End of a 6 mo period, so everyone needs to check database to make sure they are up to date. Books are also available for checkout.

Secretary's Report

Please turn in paperwork for missions and trainings. Passed out callout sheets for corrections. Meeting minutes passed out for corrections. Also there were gas vouchers available on the back table.

Treasurer's Report

Income and Expenses reported. Gas Receipts for those who attended any missions in June, it is too late to submit vouchers now. Old pagers many members gave a deposit, you can be refunded your deposit by turning in your pager to Mark.

Training Officer's Report

Mini-mock search basecamp exercise by Bob Baker and Tom Russo, went well. Also had a good medical training. This month land nav/orienteering bear canyon at 0900 Saturday. Next month is the summer bivy, August 12th, in Pecos horseshoe mesa area.

Equipment Committee Report

3 spare alpha pagers available for check out, there are also radios available for checkout. Blue and Orange T-shirts available for $5.00 ea.

Public Relations Committee Report

Adam is trying to find out how people found out about Cibola to try to improve new membership. Trying to get more events to make appearances at.

Old Issues

Notify all info, the reason why we had a delay was that there was maintenance being run on the servers at notify all. They check your mailbox pages were because the notify all person was task saturated. Some delays may be due to provider service. Callout procedures and protocols were touched on as well.

New Issues

Call out procedure text being passed out for review and vote. Discussion in regards to changing the way that pagers answer calls from logistics. Alex proposed that pager one leave a brief message on the hotline saying that they have the page, before calling logistics instead of sending out a notifyall page stating this. Mike motioned that the team table the current discussion until next month, then vote on a formal motion to remove notification procedures from the Member Guide so that we can implement changes to notifications without voting in the future. Discussion in regards to the overview of the previous meetings minutes as required for a corporation. In the future meeting minutes will be posted before the meeting and voted on at the beginning of each meeting.


060103. 06/23/06. Pecos, 44yr old survivalist in the Pecos Wilderness. Unfortunately a SF Mounted Posse Horse had to be put down in the field. Also discussed was the communications problem about the notification of Abq. teams Logistics knew approximately 12 hours before they called out that they would be calling Abq. teams.

060105. 07/08/06. 3 Teenagers out picking mushrooms near the SF Ski Area.

Meeting was adjourned at 2040.

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Who's Who and New by Tom Rinck, Membership Officer

We've had a lot of new people show up to meetings and trainings. If you are running an event (or even if you are not), please bring copies of the "welcome letter," the "liability waiver," and the "three-event tracking sheet." You can find all of these forms in PDFs on our website. The link is in the members only webpage under Miscellaneous/New Member Information Packet.

We have also received a number of new books in our library. Please take advantage of the library and check out books.

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Web News by Tom Russo, Webmaster
The old "pager-handler" instructions have been updated on the web site, and the main page has been re-arranged to make it easier to find them. They are now listed under "Callout Documents" as "Team Primary Contact Resources," since "Pager Handler" is no longer an accurate description of the job. The updated documents are the callout procedures document, the "Primary Contact Cheatsheet", and the hotline procedures document. Team members who accept responsibility for being team primary contacts for a month should be sure to download these updated documents as soon as they take the duty.
The team website can be accessed at http://www.cibolasar.org/
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Why we do, what we do. by Alex Fischer

On the last mission I attended a teammate turned to me and said this is why we do it. He was looking at the teenage subject, who just spent a cold wet night up in the Pecos Wilderness, walk up to his mother and give her a hug. This puts into perspective what it is we do.

We don't always get to see these reunions but we recently received a letter which was in part written by the reporting party that initiated a search in the same area. She wrote: "...So I'm there again late afternoon looking when I hear a voice. At first I think it's Jeff's but it is someone else's calling for him. They were the first team. Just by the look of them - capable, experienced, friendly, and assured - I felt this wave of relief and hope flood me. That was the first of many tears. The best thought I had from then until Friday was, `if anyone can find Jeff these people surely can.'

For me, the mental relief was the absolutely best part of the search and rescue process. Hearing the walkie talkie communications all night and knowing each team's willinginess to scour every possible inch even in the dark and cold - that was amazing and moving....So, it is with deep appreciation that I give my thanks..."

We don't always hear the heart felt thanks of our subjects and their loved ones but this time we did, and it is important to remember this everytime we are freezing out in the cold on a windswept mountain at 2:00 in the morning.


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