Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 12, Issue 12
13 December 2007

Editors: Tom Russo,Mike Dugger,Tom Rinck Cibola Search and Rescue
That Others May Live...
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Top of the Hillby Adam Hernandez

Training, training , training.

I was deleting old e-mails from my files when I can upon an old e-mail from Tom, dated May 13, 2006.  For those of you who didn't get a chance to read it.  He talked about reading and passing the FEMA IS-100, IS-200 and IS-700, courses.  I would like to see at least a few people, those with 2 or more years in SAR, try to accomplish these courses.  Yes, that does include me.  I have had just as many opportunities to complete these also.  IS-100 is Intro to ICS. I S-200 is ICS for single resources.  IS-700 is National Incident Management System, Intro.  With any luck, Cibola will have at least a few more members that will be certified nationally for these courses.  This doesn't mean that you will be pegged to manage incident base or be on call 24hrs./day.  It is just a way to have a few more members be more knowledgeable on these subjects.  This will help all of us understand how upper management, "everyone we work with" tries to get "our" job done.

You can never have to much training.

But, the most important thing I need to do this month is thank the out-going officers.  They have committed many hours and provided their knowledge to make this team what it is today.   They are the backbone of this team.  Roger has only been a member since 2004 but was able to commit more time to be the Secretary for the team.  Mark joined our team in 2002, and he became our equipment chair and Treasurer.  Tony has had many positions since he became a member in 2000; equipment chair, VP x 2 and President for 1-1/2 years.  I thank him for this last year as Vice-President.   Mike has also been in various positions; President, Treasurer, Vice-President, and this last year as  Membership Officer.  Thank you.

All these guys have stepped up and provided their time and knowledge to help this team to be as strong as it is.  We work as a team.  These guys provide the example of how we work together.  I cannot thank these guys enough.  So, thank them when you get a chance.

As we say "that others may live".


P.S. Please attend the training/eval this sunday if you can.

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Boots and Blistersby Tony Gaier

The last training for the year is on December 16th at Chamisoso Canyon. It is a Litter Handling training and starts at 9:00AM.

It has been a pleasure being your training officer this year! I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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Pinching Penniesby Adam Hernandez

Sportsman's Warehouse coupon

We still have a few Sportsman's Warehouse coupons. Look in the Library tub.

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Who's Who and Newby Mike Dugger

2007 Membership Stats

I thought I would close the year with a summary of some membership data. 

Since beginning my first term as Membership Officer, I have kept detailed records of people who contact the team for information, and all the way through the membership process.  Since 1 January 2007, there have been 79 "first contacts" to the team.  This means that they expressed an interest in membership via the web, PR event, or came to a meeting.  Of these, I collected 35 waivers.  This is one of the first steps a new contact takes in order to participate further in team events such as training.  Once the contact attends three team functions and gets their gear together, I check their gear for required items, give them an orientation to team policies, and assign a mentor.  At this point, they are prospective members and can attend missions with a full member.  As of this writing I have given 6 orientations so far this year, and one prospective has become an active member.  Based on this limited data (just one year's worth), it appears that of people who express an interest in joining the team, about 44% go as far as completing the waiver, 7.6% become prospective, and just 1.2% become active.  The percentages of prospective and full members from first contact are artificially low due to the large influx of new contacts from Kirtland in the last few months.  Most of them have submitted waivers, but have not had time to complete more of the process.  Excluding that data, it looks more like 41% submit waivers, 11.1% become prospective, and 1.8% become full members.  It will be interesting to see how these stats change next year.

As of January 2007, there were 17 full members and 6 prospective members.  As of this writing, there are 18 full members and 7 prospectives.  I know that several prospectives are very close to becoming full members, and we have had a good influx of new people lately, so I look forward to seeing our ranks of both active and prospective members grow in the first half of 2008. 

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Web Newsby Tom Russo
Sometime this month, Southwest Cyberport, our internet service provider, suddenly and quietly doubled the amount of disk space that is included in the web publishing package we have.  This leaves us a considerable amount of unused space --- we currently use about 21MB and now have a 120MB quota.  In years past we were very short of space and tried to keep photographs and other space hogs off the site, but that's not a problem right now.  If you have photos or other items that you think would make reasonable additions to the site, please let me know and I'll try to get them up there. Back to Top
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