Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 12, Issue 3
8 March 2007
Editors: Tom Rinck, Mike Dugger, and Tom Russo

Cibola Search and Rescue
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Top of the Hill by Adam Hernandez , President

Now it is March. Two months into the year and have you looked at the call out procedures at least once, since the last meeting? Have you exercised for a couple more minutes? Taken that long hike in the hills?

If you have looked at the upcoming training and evaluation schedule, please note that ESCAPE is coming up in May. I would like to see as many people make this event as possible. It is an excellent opportunity to recieve information that you might not be able to get anywhere else in New Mexico.

Cibola's trainings are based on Land Navigation, Search Techniques and Litter Handling. ESCAPE has many more classes that may be of interest to you and can be very useful. In the past, training has included dog handling, horses, medical, high angle rope skills, radio, tracking, 4-wheel drive and has included nationally-known speakers.

This year ESCAPE is at the Ruidoso Convention Center. There is a hotel next to the convention center so you don't have to sleep on the ground if your don't want to. It also has a hot tub - for some of us, that alone is worth the trip. There are many other places to stay, including camp sites, hotels or cabins. You can double up and carpool to reduce your costs. Cibola will provide reimbursement for a portion of the cost for members of the team. The team will be making a decision on the amount in the next couple of business meetings.

ESCAPE is also a time that you get to meet other SAR team members from across the state. Many times you get to see them during a mission, but may not be able to spend time talking to them. ESCAPE is the time to meet these members away from a mission.

So, mark your calendars for ESCAPE, and make it to Ruidoso.

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Boots and Blisters by Tony Gaier, Training Officer

The February 11th navigation training went well with nine individuals turning out for the training.

This month's training is on March 10th at 9:00AM. It is a litter training at Three Gun Spring Trailhead. This training will focus on litter packaging and hauling, but will have some navigation and radio communication training embedded.

April's training is a search training at Balsam Glades Picnic Grounds. It is on April 15th at 9:00AM.

The March pre-meeting training is information on the Global Positioning System (GPS). The April pre-meeting training is the first part of a two part litter lesson.

May 4-6 is ESCAPE 2007 in Ruidoso at the Convention Center. ESCAPE is an excellent opportunity for new members to learn some basic SAR skills and get a better understanding of SAR in New Mexico. Anyone attending ESCAPE will receive one training credit.

Updates have been made to the training schedule, please check it often for newly posted information.

If you have any questions or concerns with upcoming training events please call or email me.

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Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes
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Who's Who and New by Mike Dugger, Membership Officer

Please join me in welcoming James Watts to the ranks of prospective members. I conducted an orientation for James right after our last business meeting, and he has all his stuff. In fact, he has more than the minimum, so a good guy to hang with. He is ready to deploy on missions with an active member. He is on Terry's branch of the phone tree, and thanks to Terry for agreeing to be James' mentor. Say hello to James and get to know our newest prospective.

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Public Relations by Adam Hernandez

The public relation committee is now working on business cards that can be handed out, when one of our members is asked about Cibola SAR. The committee is also trying to put together a basic ID card. We are also looking at re-making our basic flyer that we can post at various places. Please attend any committee meeting if interested. Last Thursday of the month. Contact me for location.

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Member Spotlight: Mark Espelien

I was born and raised in Park River, North Dakota, a small farming town close to the Canadian border. I think I picked up my love for the outdoors by hiking up and down the river bottom next to my house, and in the forest by my Granddad's farm.

After four years at UND in Grand Forks, I drove out to California for my first engineering job, and got to see the Rockies and the Pacific. After 22 years of the flatlands of eastern ND I decided I was deprived most of my life, and jumped at every sport I could try, including hiking, skiing, and scuba.

After five years in SoCal, a job offer in Albuquerque (and my future wife!) brought me to the high desert and the Sandia mountain range. In my 20 years in ABQ, I have tried to fit in mountain biking, hiking, and trail running in between raising two delightful daughters (still working on them to go hiking more often).

Before CSAR, I was trying to find a niche in community service, but found out that usually was a check-cutting exercise - a necessary service, but a service that did not satisfy me. I joined CSAR in 2002 because it combined my passion for the outdoors, and my desire for a hands-on way to contribute to a worthy cause. Many thanks to the men and women of Cibola Search and Rescue!

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Special Notes
US Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test

This gives you 150 points, the minimum for a 2nd class PFT Age 27-39

Taken from http://www.usmc-mccs.org/display_filess/weight.pdf -- submitted by Adam Hernandez

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