Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 12, Issue 4
12 April 2007
Editors: Tom Rinck, Mike Dugger, and Tom Russo

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Top of the Hill by Adam Hernandez , President
I would like to extend an invitation to all members to attend ESCAPE. May,4-6, in Ruidoso, New Mexico. This event is an excellent opportunity to get some very important training in. It provides training in everything from beginner equipment recommendations to advanced technical rope skills. There will be a Medical track and Radio classes for Ham licenses. K-9 and Management classes are also provided for those that want to extend your skills that way. This event is also good to re-establish connections with other teams around the state, some that you only see during missions late at night. Cibola will provide support for those that choose to attend. We will be voting on the amount during this next business meeting, so please attend. April 12, Thursday.

Also, I would like to remind the team that evaluations for the month of April will be Saturday, April 21. I would like everyone to try and call the hot line saying you will attend. This is to make sure that there are enough members there to provide a good eval. Litter eval was canceled last month because only four people left messages on the hot line. A litter eval is much easier when we have more than four people.

We are also looking at having a hike up to TWA canyon. Probably, April 28 or 29. We will determine the date at the next meeting. It will be a good chance to stretch our legs and get some GPS training in. I would like to welcome friends and family to this event, but will put a 12 yo requirement on this. This hike is approximately 3 hours up, for a total of 5-6 hours. If you bring a friend please make them aware that this is a pretty good hike. Since, I personally haven't been to this site I would like a volunteer to help lead this hike, please contact me.

Also, I realize that missions have been down, for this time of year. I cannot do anything about this, but would like to recommend that people try to stay in shape and keep training. I personally carried around a 10 pound day pack, while on vacation this last week. And at times I lugged my 50 pound daughter on my shoulders. This is probably the most weight my shoulders have had in the last few months. So, train as usual and remember that when we do get called out, our packs are from 30-50 pounds and we are out all night. Back to Top
Boots and Blisters by Tony Gaier, Training Officer

Please take a few minutes to look at your training currency. A majority of the team is still lacking one or more trainings. You need two trainings every six months (Jan - Jun and Jul - Dec) to stay current. If you have questions concerning your training status, please call or email me.

April's training is a search training at Balsam Glade Picnic Grounds. It is on April 15th at 9:00AM.

There are two training opportunities for the month of May. May 4-6 is ESCAPE 2007 in Ruidoso at the Convention Center. May 12th is a navigation training at Cedro Trailhead Dispersed Area Parking. It will start at 9:00AM.

The April pre-meeting training is the first part of a two part litter lesson. The May pre-meeting training is information on search procedures.

Updates have been made to the training schedule, please check it often for newly posted information.

If you have any questions or concerns with upcoming training events please call or email me.

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Who's Who and New by Mike Dugger, Membership Officer
There are no new prospectives to report this month, but there are several people in the pipeline that should be ready for orientation in the next few months. If you are a prospective member, and have not taken the NM Field Certification (or 'PACE') test, there is a great opportunity right around the corner. A PACE test will be offered on Sunday morning (May 6) at ESCAPE, the annual NM SAR conference, in Ruidoso. Of course there is a lot of other good training there too, including an opportunity to get your amateur radio operator's license. The PACE test at this year's ESCAPE will be run using the same study materials and exam as used in prior years. You can download the study guide at the NMESC web site, http://www.nmesc.org/.

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Training by Adam Hernandez

Well, Despite my extra training at Disneyland, 10 lb. daypack, with 50 pound child on shoulders for at least one mile per day, nothing is new. Even though, I did get to train in the hotel gym for an hour a day, for three days. I have to admit that I did take a nap on the fourth.

The missions are slim and I think that we all are getting a little impatient and maybe a little discouraged. Besides telling our closest friends to get lost, we have to always remember to train for the upcoming mission.

I personally have been to a mission that I knew the subject. This can be very interesting. I felt that I wanted to run out and get them. I also knew that we had to follow all the procedures and cover my area and work as a team. Luckily, I was able to be on the team that found them and was able to walk up to my friend and answer to his question "What are you doing here?" my answer was, "This is what I do!". That man is now a member of the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Task Force One, New Mexico. So, It may be someone you know, but it is always someone important.

Now, back to training. I think I found the fitness test that I really think covers the complete body, this is my personal view, of course. There are many tests that we all read about, and many that we may or may not agree with. I've read many tests and have done only one or two. Most are boring to me and I think most are a waste of time. I find that I do most of the test in my mind, thinking of what I can do and dismiss the material that doesn't apply to me. This test has stuck in the back of my mind for a long time. It covers Cardiovascular stuff, body fat stuff, flexibility stuff and muscular strength stuff. The reason I say "stuff" is because I think we all know where we are in our physical conditioning without doing all this "stuff". Please attend the meeting and I will give you a copy of it. I think you may or may not agree with me but, here it is, another test.

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Special Notes
With all this talk of physical fitness, those of you who work at Sandia might like to know that Sandians can use the base gyms for free just by showing their DOE badge to the staff at the front desk under the current arrangements between DOE and the Air Force. There's one on Texas St., just south of F. street ("the East Gym"), and it's an excellent facility. The arrangement is subject to change --- and has changed several times in the last few years --- so if you get started there you need to check occasionally to be sure what rules are in effect. -- submitted by Tom Russo

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