Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 12, Issue 5
10 May 2007
Editors: Tom Rinck, Mike Dugger, and Tom Russo

Cibola Search and Rescue
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Top of the Hill Boots and Blisters Who's Who and New
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Top of the Hill by Adam Hernandez , President
Well here it is May 2007. I just got back from the ESCAPE conference. The conference held many informative classes, as usual. But, the big surprise is that now Cibola has a direct link to the NMESC. Tony Gaier was elected to the board of directors. Tony has done a fantastic job with Cibola and I would expect none the less from him, as a board member for NMESC. Congratulations.

As usual I would like to see everyone keep up the good work and to continue their training. On April 29, 11 teammates hiked up to TWA canyon. The interesting thing about this was that we brought along 11 other people. We started out at about 9:15 and made the hike in about 3 hours and looked around for about 30 minutes and then were back at our cars by 2:30 or so. I think everyone had a good time and the only casualty was one blister on the way up, one on the way down and cramping calves on one of the young boys that went with us. We will look at doing another similar hike in the future. Any suggestions will be welcomed, please email me or pull me aside.

With summer almost here I would bet that we will see more missions. With that said we are trying to get every team member to sign up for ONE month of pager duty. We have plenty of members, so put your name on the list. The earlier you pick, the better your choices. If you have any questions about running the pager system see me. If I can do it, just about anyone can.

Evaluations are going well. We had 9 people sign up and call in, for last months Search Techniques Evaluation. So, please call the hot line by the Wednesday before the eval and leave a message that you are attending. This month is Navigation.

See you on the trail. Adam

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Boots and Blisters by Tony Gaier, Training Officer

There are two training opportunities for the month of May. May 4-6 is ESCAPE 2007 in Ruidoso at the Convention Center. May 12th there is a navigation training at Cedro Trailhead Dispersed Area Parking. It will start at 9:00AM.

June's training is the Summer Bivy at Pecos Falls. It starts on June 16th at 10:30AM. Please see the Website calendar entry for more details.

The May pre-meeting training is a presentation by Tom Russo, titled "Introduction to search planning and search theory". The June pre-meeting training is information on selecting a compass.

Updates have been made to the training schedule, please check it often for newly posted information.

If you have any questions or concerns with upcoming training events please call or email me.

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Who's Who and New by Mike Dugger, Membership Officer
Please join me in welcoming Mike Lensi to our roster as a new prospective member. Mike is on Aaron's tree, and Chris Murray is his mentor. In addition to his desire to help out on missions, Mike brings some existing skills with tracking to our team. Take the time to introduce yourself and get to know our newest prospective!

It is getting to be that time of year when we need to make sure we have kept up with training. As of the first of July, those of you who have not taken two team trainings in the first six months of the year will be ineligible for missions until you do. Look for the little "w" next to your name. If you see one, check your training status on the web, and make sure to attend the June training. If you need more than one, talk to our Training Officer about the possibility of organizing a special session so that you can get your two required training events for this period.

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