Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 12, Issue 6
14 June 2007

Editors: Tom Russo,Mike Dugger,Tom Rinck Cibola Search and Rescue
That Others May Live...
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Top of the Hillby Adam Hernandez

Well, half of the year has gone by and it seems to be a slow year for rescues. That is good for hikers, but may be boring for us. It is sometimes hard to remember that we still need to be ready to go when called upon.

So I want to bring up various things that you may or may not have thought about recently. A recent article in an outside magazine mentioned various sunglasses and the effects they have on your vision. Let's just say that the grey lens provide that best color rendition, while protecting your eyes. I used to have a pair of prescription glasses that filtered a little of the green out of my vision. I didn't realize this until one day that a co-worker noticed that my glasses looked green in certain angles. After checking into it, some colors were slighty filtered. You may want to just be aware of any filtering that your prescription glasses or sunglasses might do when looking for subjects. So the rose and yellow lens do have a purpose but may make it difficult to locate subjects in the field.

Another thing to think about for the next couple of hot months, and throughout the year is hydration. By the time your body becomes thirsty, you may lose up to 25% of your efficiency. Try to hydrate before you get to the mission, but be aware of your liquid intake, you can drink to much water. One time I did hydrate too much and had to stop about every 20 or so minutes to releave myself on a cold mission in the foot hills. After about the third time my team thought it was funny and made various jokes about my age. 

Last, but not least, training. As I would say to Alex, who is still looking for his six pack, train, train, train. In July we are going to have another hike. Since many hikers seem to find the second tram tower at night, that's where we're going. This hike will be in the morning but will extend into the heat of the day. So bring your sunglasses and your water. This hike will not be open to friends and family. Later this year we will do another hike up that will invite those members. Date will be discussed at the next meeting.

As Larry Mervine, past president would say "Keep your toe nails clipped"


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Boots and Blistersby Tony Gaier

There is only one training opportunity this month. June 16-17 is our annual summer bivy at Pecos Falls. Saturday morning at 6:30AM there will be a van leaving from the State Police station at Carlisle and I-40. It will return at approximately 2PM on June 17th. If you want to drive up in a separate vehicle, plan to arrive at Iron Gate Campground to be able to depart (hiking to Pecos Falls) at 9:00AM. Please let me know a.s.a.p. if you are attending the bivy and if you plan to ride in the van.

July’s training is a search training on July 15th. It will be located at Ellis Trailhead and will start at 9:00AM.

The June pre-meeting training is information on selecting a compass. The July pre-meeting training is the second part of a navigation presentation. There will be some practice with maps, plotters, and compasses.

Updates have been made to the training schedule, please check it often for newly posted information.

If you have any questions or concerns with upcoming training events please call or email me.

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Who's Who and Newby Mike Dugger

Please join me in welcoming Ruth Cahn to our team as a new prospective member.  Ruth is on Aaron’s branch of the phone tree, and ready for missions.  In fact, she has participated in her first mission already, just a short time after getting her orientation.  Roger Campbell is Ruth’s mentor.  In her short time with the team, she has already been quite active at training and evaluation sessions.  Introduce your self and get to know our newest prospective.

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Medical Newsby Mike Dugger

June's business meeting begins what I hope will be a new trend of having some basic medical training prior to our meeting.  Our medical directors, Drs. Ron Liss and Graham Tull, will go over some basic wilderness splinting this month.  Please arrive early if you can.  Medics should bring their medical kit, and we will of course need some patients to feign various breaks and sprains.  I hope you can make it.  It promises to be useful information for team medics and non-medical personnel alike.  You might even get inspired to become a wilderness medical provider!

This is also a heads-up that the NM statewide EMS conference is coming to Albuquerque on July 23 to 28.  There are pre-conference refresher courses for FRs and EMTs, workshops, and  medical courses on many topics.  Advanced registration runs through July 13.  Go to www.nmems.org for more information.

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Web Newsby Tom Russo

If you've been ignoring your email this month, you might have missed the fact that after ten years at its old address, http://www.swcp.com/csar/, the Cibola web site has moved to a new address, http://www.cibolasar.org/.  This new URL should be even easier to remember than the old (although after ten years, I'm finding that the old one trips off the fingers a bit too easily). 

The site has pretty much the same functionality as before, but with a modified look-and-feel thanks to some Cascading Style Sheet modifications.  Gone are the glaring white backgrounds and bright colors, now the background and menu colors are actually taken from bits of the sky in the banner image.

I have also completely rewritten several very old programs that were a real thorn in my side for the last ten years, not the least of which is the newsletter editing program --- that program was one of the few I barely touched since taking over the webmaster mantle in 1997, even though I had rewritten almost everything else in 2002-2003.  That other software ported to our new location very easily, but the old newsletter program just had to go.

Our site is still hosted at Southwest Cyberport, but the technical details of how the site is set up have changed.  Cibola SAR owes a debt of gratitude to Mark Costlow and Jamii Corley of Southwest Cyberport, who set us up with a free web site back in 1997, when their company was still in its infancy.  We outgrew the parameters of that free site long ago, but their donation is greatly appreciated.  Our new arrangement gives us substantially more disk space to grow our site, and a significantly increased amount of bandwidth, at about the same price as all of the extra charges we were incurring due to having outgrown the donated capabilities.

Thanks also to Roger Campbell for registering the domain name "www.cibolasar.org" some time ago.  Thanks also to James Watts for suggesting that it was high time for us to change the look of our site, and for generating the very attractive new banner image to replace the blocky 8-bit color drawing that had graced our site since 1996.

I'd also like to draw your attention to the new javascript WYSIWYG editor that is now available on the calendar and newsletter authoring programs (and for you pager handlers and officers, on the mission log editing program) --- this should make it a lot easier to make your calendar and newsletter entries look good without having to type in all those HTML formatting commands by hand.  Thanks for that go to the developers of the open source TinyMCE Javascript Content Editor.  I have previously avoided using Javascript on the Cibola web site, but in this case I think the benefits are clear --- and if you use a browser without Javascript support, the old style text box comes back, so there are no real disadvantages that I can see.

There is one downside of this move, though.  After ten years, our site had become rather well linked-to from other sites, and had achieved a relatively high page ranking in Google (try googling "UTM" or "Reading Topo Maps" and see how high up Cibola's old pages come up in your search results).  It will take months (or even years) for our site to make it back to that level, although we are getting crawled by GoogleBot slowly but surely, and I have contacted some of the more prominent sites that link to us to get them to update their links.  Those of you who don't use bookmarks and who use Google to find our site all the time (yes, there are some of you, I can tell from our access logs) will be disappointed when Google continues to direct you to our old site.   Bookmarks are your friends.

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Statewide SAR Notesby Tony Gaier
As most of you already know I was elected to the NMESC Board at ESCAPE this year. I look forward to both serving the team and New Mexico’s SAR community. My first Board meeting is June 23rd. I don’t have a lot to report this month. ESCAPE was a huge success this year and the location for next year has already been picked, the Glorieta Conference Center. The team should be receiving a donation in the mail soon. The NMESC received a donation from one of the subjects from the April mission and our team will receive a portion of it. Hopefully there will be more to report after June’s Meeting Back to Top
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