Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 13, Issue 11
13 November 2008

Editors: Tom Russo,Mike Dugger Cibola Search and Rescue
That Others May Live...
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Top of the Hillby Adam Hernandez

Get Out!

Get Out! Ok, Get Going! As the year is coming to an end, we've seen less missions. Does that mean we wait until the next mission to think about exercise? No. We train and keep on training. Last week while I was in Chicago I trained two, out of the three days I was there. I didn't run any marathon, I just got into the gym for about 45 minutes or so. Actually, sometimes it's easier to train when the family isn't around.

I would like to thank Warren for posting an offer from New Mexico Adventure Racing Club to hike from Placitas to Three Gun Springs. It is outside events like this that make training a little easier, as opposed to running on a treadmill. I would like everyone to keep up their training. I don't care if you join the NMARC, NM Fourwheelers, NM Mountain Club, Hawk Watch or whatever, just get outside. I personally think that hiking up to the Hawkwatch area and sitting around looking at raptors would be much more interesting than watching sports on TV. If you have a physical activity or outside hobby that you think that others might enjoy, please share it with the team, or right an article for the newsletter. For more info on many outside activites go to www.friendsofthesandias.org, or just surf the web. P.S. "web surfing" is not an outside sport.

Now, for the most important part of the year. "Elections". Our country's election are over, but our team election is right around the corner. Again, if you are interested in running for office, take a look at our web page and look at the duties. If you want to know more, ask any officer what they do. Please make sure you attend the December meeting, or make sure you send in your ballot. This was a problem last year, so I cannot reiterate this enough. 

Be safe.

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Who's Who and Newby Mike Dugger

By the time you read this two new people will have joined the ranks of prospective members.  Please welcome Dennis Latourelle and Marty Soffran to the team.  Both have had their orientations, and have the required gear.  Dennis is on Terry Hardin's branch of the phone tree, and Marty will be on Tony Gaier's branch. 

Regrettably, we are also losing a member this month.  Tom Rinck has decided to resign from the team.  He and his wife are expecting a baby in a few months, so let's all wish him well with the new addition to his family.

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Feature Articleby Terry Hardin

Winter Body Hydration

Because of the heat, we seem to be more aware of body hydration concerns during the summer months.  But when we enter the winter months, since the weather is colder, we do not always remember to keep our bodies well hydrated.  In the winter, we have many of the same issues and concerns that we do in the summer with regard to fluid and moisture loss.  We still are breathing out moisture.  We are still perspiring moisture when we are hiking with our heavy coats on.  We are still using fluids for digestion of food.  However, there is one added issue that we don’t always consider.  When we are cold, our body tries to reduce heat loss and one technique that the body uses to reduce heat loss is to dump extra fluids.  That is why we sometimes need to go to the restroom when we start to get cold. 

If we are not replacing all of these lost fluids, then we will end up in a fluid deficit.  Once we are behind on fluids, it is difficult to catch up again.  Being low on fluids has many bad side effects.  It reduces your circulation which can increase the risk of frost nip, frost bite, etc.  Also, when our body is dehydrated, it reduces the efficiency of our muscle operation, causing us to lose strength and lose endurance.  One indicator that we can be aware of, with regard to proper fluid levels in our body, is how often we use the restroom.  Typically, if an individual is not using the restroom at least once every two hours, then they are probably dehydrated and they need to start consuming more fluids. 

To try to reduce this dehydration problem on the trail, I tend to drink fluids on my way to the search base so that I can get my fluids topped off.  It is also important to watch what you drink.  Avoid diuretics like caffeine, which is found in coffee and soda pop, because they will cause your body to dump more fluids than what you drink and leave with a net fluid deficit.  Consider drinking something with electrolytes like diluted Gatorade.  A 50 / 50 mix of Gatorade and water is a good choice.  This is basically what you get when you purchase an expensive sports drink.

Therefore when we are out there in the winter, while you are keeping an eye on your heat loss and food intake, also keep and eye out on your fluid consumption and expulsion.  As usual be aware of your fellow team members to make sure they are doing well physically and mentally, which includes keeping warm, eating properly, and drinking proper fluid quantities.  Keeping yourself and your team members safe in the field is a high priority.

Be safe and stay warm in the wilderness this winter

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