Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 13, Issue 9
11 September 2008

Editors: Tom Russo,Mike Dugger,Tom Rinck Cibola Search and Rescue
That Others May Live...
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Top of the Hillby Adam Hernandez

Loose Ends

Ok, it's getting close to the end of the year. Sept. 20 will be our "MEGA, mega, ...... Evaluation Day". All that means is that we are doing all the evaluations in one day. I will need a couple of volunteers to help out with this so, step up. We will start at 9:00 am and will probably end around 2:00. At least that what happened last year. If by chance you can't make it and still need your evaluations for this year, you will have the months of Oct. - Dec. to complete them.

Next up. Officers for next year. We've had a couple "volunteers" willing to assist, but if you want to throw in your hat, please do. Look at the web, look up your respective duties or ask any of the existing officers what the heck they do. We're trying to replace three out of five. Four max. with experienced officers returning. Also, October officers meeting will be open to all members who might be interested in running for office. Actually, officers meeting are usually open to all members, unless we're talking super secret stuff, secret handshakes, etc...

Tony Gaier did an excellent job putting together the last training. He also did a pack check. He went around and asked everyone to see just a couple of things out of their pack. He asked me to see my signal mirror and insulating layer. My mirror was buried with my compass which, I had to dig out anyway. The insulating layer was thrown into my truck, with my outer pants. Why? The night before while I was packing up my gear, I was thinking that Tony usually makes us climb all over the mountain for his trainings, so I was going to travel light. The projected temperatures were supposed to be in the 90's anyway. But, Tony said he was going to do a pack check, and I knew that those two items were out of my pack, so I just threw them into my truck.

Now, do I carry everything? Do I keep my pack totally full? Steve recently said his pack is about 25 pounds with all his gear. My pack is about 40lbs. My only excuse, my clothes are bigger. I've tried to cut my gear down, but just can't get past the 40lb. mark. Recently, I've started to leave a couple of items out of my pack, eg. "insulating layers". It's summer right. So, any way, I've been lucky. I haven't had to use any of the stuff I've left behind. Luck? Educated guess? Well, it is luck and part educated guess. Do I recommend leaving stuff out. Not really, but I look at the weather and gamble. But in the end, Steve's clothes will not fit me. 

Also, in preparation for the training. I put some "Oral Rehydration Salts" in some of my water. Let me put it this way. "yuk". I going to buy the Gatorade or other flavored stuff. I been told you just need about half strength. Larry, aka, SAR God, told me this years ago, but I aways need to figure this out myself.

Again, thanks to Tony, I only saw two other guys who had to go past the power lines at the training.

Reminder, most people ordered their Northface stuff. Mostly sleeping bags. If you still are thinking about getting something, get with me.

Past memo from the SAR God, aka Larry. "Cut your toe nails"

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Who's Who and Newby Mike Dugger
Please join me in welcoming Shawna Grant to the team as a new prospective member.  Shawna is on Terry's branch of the phone tree, and Warren is her mentor.  Expect to be seeing Shawna at missions in the near future.  Based on the last training, she also seems to have a knack for land navigation.  Back to Top
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