Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 5, Issue 12
1 December 2000
Editors: Tom Russo, Mike Dugger,
and Susan Corban

Cibola Search and Rescue
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Top of the Hill President's message by Larry Mervine
The by the time you read this article the elections for officers will have been concluded. I want to thank Tom, David, Susan and Mike for being a great group of people to work with. Any time there was a problem or task to be done, each officer did more than what was asked. So my job as president has been an easy one. In my opinion the team has benefited greatly from the effort these officers put forth. Susan, Mike and I will not be returning as officers, but hope you will join us in supporting the newly elected officers. My greatest hope is that we have established needed team infrastucture to make this a great team. And that we can continue to be active locally and Statewide. And I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve as the team's president.

See you out there! Back to Top
Boots and Blisters Training Officer's message by Tom Russo
I would like to use my last training officer's column to thank you all for a fantastic two years at the post. My first year was a bit rocky because I still had the notion that if I couldn't do the task without any help then I was shirking my responsibility. I learned from that mistake, and the job was made much, much easier with the enthusiastic support of a huge number of team members. I'd like to thank them here.

Many members volunteered their time during these years to help teach at trainings. James Newberry and Paul Donovan served as the "training committee" this year, each of us taking turns making a month's training activities our responsibility. It made all the difference in the world. In addition to the training committee, here's a list of who helped teach or organize individual CSAR training events.

Susan Corban Search Techniques, Hasty Search and Sound Attraction
Susan Corban GPS Training
Susan Corban Litter handling
Susan Corban Low Angle Litter Handling
Curtis Crutcher Search Techniques, Hasty Search and Sound Attraction
David Dixon Litter Handling
David Dixon Low Angle Litter Handling
Paul Donovan Land Navigation
Paul Donovan Summer Bivy, Williams Lake
Mike Dugger Land Navigation
Mike Dugger GPS and basic Communications
Mike Dugger Low angle litter hauling
Don Gibson Mock Search
Larry Mervine Search Techniques
Larry Mervine Litter Handling
James Newberry Tracking and Track Awareness
James Newberry Search Techniques (twice)
Jeff Phillips Mock Search
Joyce RumschlagSearch Techniques (twice)
Nancy O'Neill Litter handling
All of these members deserve a round of applause in recognition of the valuable assistance they've given to the team's training program.

Thanks also go to the people who have helped with evaluations these past two years: Susan Corban (land nav), David Dixon (search techniques), Paul Donovan (land nav), Mike Dugger (litter, land nav, search techniques), Terry Hardin (litter), Mickey Jojola (litter, search techniques), Larry Mervine (litter, search techniques), Gene Mortimer (land nav), and James Newberry (litter, search techniques).

I believe Susan Corban deserves an extra round of applause for her efforts to get the team moving on medical training. We'd toyed with the issue for years before she stepped in, and nobody ever stuck to it with the tenacity that she showed. She figured out exactly what it would take for this team to start providing basic medical aid, and as a direct result our team now has a large number of Wilderness First Responders, all of whom owe the opportunity to have that training to Susan.

To top it all off, training attendance at all CSAR trainings these past two years has been very gratifying. In the first six months of 2000, several people attended six or more of the possible 9 trainings during that period (remember that WFR counted as three): Katie Avery (6), Susan Corban (7), David Dixon (6), Paul Donovan (8), Mike Dugger (6), and Joyce Rumschlag (6). Nobody attended all 5 of the trainings in July-November, but three people attended four of the five: Charlie Irland, Larry Mervine, and Andy Nielsen. Bravo! All the organizational help in the world does no good unless the training program gets the support of the team, and I have to say it has been a pleasure to have served as training officer for such a fine group of people. I hope you give to James Newberry in 2001 the same sort of support you've shown me in 1999 and 2000!

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Business as Usual Secretary's message by David Dixon
It has been my honor to have served as Secretary for the last two years. As you all know I will be moving on to Membership and handing the secretarial reins over to Jeff. The honor comes not so much in doing my duties but in being an Officer in such a fine organization as Cibola. We have gone through some big, positive changes in those years and I feel lucky to have played a part in that. It has also been my honor to have spent two years with a great group of officers and I would like to commend Larry, Tom, Susan and Mike for a job well done. It's been great working with all of you.

Not that my duties weren't rewarding. I know I didn't have much secretary stuff to say at meetings but I did my work behind the scenes. You all see this column in the newsletter but my real time consumer was redoing and posting the full minutes. I hope some of you actually have gone online and read them on the membersonly website.

We've certainly had lots of new people come through our organization in the last few years. I now look forward to switching hats and dealing with that aspect of Cibola in a new, maybe more exciting role.

Jeff knows that I will help him in his new role. As promised, he can even use my laptop! Good luck Jeff.

Highlights from the minutes of the November 2000 business meeting


Larry and the team welcome new people Ingrid Asmundsson, David Bullock, Danielle Groeling, Doug Holmes, Lili Ziesmann and Mike Ziesmann.

The following have been nominated for 2001 Officer positions. President: Susan Corban, David Dixon, Tom Russo.
Vice-President/Training: James Newberry.
Membership: David Dixon, Jeff Phillips.
Secretary: Frances Robertson, Joyce Rumschlag, Jeff Phillips.
Treasurer: Brian Lematta.


New active members this month are Tony Gaier, Aaron Hall and Rich Lloyd. Karen Cavanaugh is the newest prospective member. There are also 3 more orientations coming up next week.


Monthly financial report is given. Committee Budgets also available.

The Team received a $12 check from NMESC from parents of Danny from Mission of 1996.

Our new account at State Employees Credit Union is up and running. Most of our funds from Wells Fargo have been transferred.


Training on 18th is Low angle litter. Next Evaluation is on Map & Compass.

Call the Hotline frequently for information on all team events. Remember to leave a message as far in advance as possible for convenience of evaluators if attending an evaluation.


As mentioned last month all Litters now have numbered bags.

Tonight is the last call for getting orange shirts from Action uniforms.

James could use one more sleeping pad for the gear cache.

Ed Mighetto's wife is coming next month with some screen print ideas for coolmax t-shirts.

Team has 2 donated radios that need batteries. James proposes to buy 4 at a cost of $300. Some discussion on whether we need more team radios. Most feel that they would be used. Motion is made and seconded to purchase. Vote is for.


Larry talks about his experience last month giving a Search Techniques presentation at Boy Scout Jamboree in Chimayo.

Frances and David will give a Wilderness Preparedness for Children presentation at E.G. Ross Elementary next week.

There will be a PR Committee meeting this month on the 30th, 6:30 pm at Frontier Restaurant.


All WFRs should have received a packet from the state which includes a patch, certificate and wallet card. Let Nancy know if you have not. Refer to the WFR list serve for any medical information.

When calling in on the Hotline you should identify yourself as a WFR. Pager 1 can then identify all WFR's to ICS.


A PACE Session is being set up in December in Las Cruces. The next one is at Escape in May.

Andy Nielsen and Bill Grantham passed the latest PACE test.


Mt. Taylor Quad: We used to go and help but haven't done it for last 2 years. We are interested in doing it this year if it runs. Looking for someone to head it. It's on Valentines Day weekend in February. Could do it as a bivy. Paul D. volunteers to be coordinator.

Our Web site is now getting lots of hits and this has been costing us $5/month. Tom R. has been paying this for the last two years. Mike reminds everyone that our site has evolved into our records database and information provider. Motion is made and seconded to pay Tom back. Vote is for. 2nd Motion made and seconded to pay the bill on a semi-yearly basis. Vote is for.

James, as the probable new Training Officer, would like to have some help on Training next year. He also would do a Litter handling evaluation for those that need it in December.


The Christmas party/short December meeting with elections will be on Saturday, December 9 at 4 pm., Netherwood Apts. Party Room, Indian School Rd and University. Bring food/drink. Call the Hotline for information. There will also be a group page and an information slip in the December newsletter. There will thus be no regular meeting on the 14th.

Continue to give any updated personal information to Susan for the phone list and newsletter. Back to Top
Who's Who and New Membership Officer's message by Susan Corban
New Members: Vicki Benea, Paul Cochrell, and Adam Hernandez have all had an orientation. Please help out your new teammates on missions and trainings. Welcome to the team, folks.

Mentors: Those of you who are mentors are saying 'hello' and asking your mentees (yup, that's a word) if they've got any questions and checking on their progress, right? Thank you for your willingness to be mentors. Back to Top
Gearing Up Equipment Committee message by James Newberry
List of equipment available for Active and prospective members to use on SAR activities. ( For SAR use only)

Paratus et Vigilans Back to Top
Public Relations by David Dixon
After two years as Public Relations Committee Chair it is time to step down and let a younger but more experienced member take over. I know that Larry will do a great job and continue on with goals important to the future of our team. It's been a rewarding experience for me and because of that he knows I will be staying on the committee to help.

My primary goals as chair have always been recruitment and community involvement and education. I think the committee has readily met those goals. Due to their efforts we have seen a marked increase in the number of new people attending meetings and enough of those have stayed that our membership has continued to steadily increase. Committee members have also done a variety of public service presentations on outdoor themes to kids of all ages. I would like to thank those that have given their time to these endeavors, especially my original core committee of Susan, Larry, and Don. I think they would all agree, it's been fun.

I would like to end with my usual encouragement to get involved with Cibola PR. We all know how rewarding missions can be but rewards can also be found in giving a presentation on the 10 Essentials to a group of 8 year olds or helping recruit new members while enjoying the sunshine at UNM. Who knows, you might keep a child from becoming a SAR subject or end up recruiting a future PR Chair. Back to Top
Member Spotlight: Andy Nielsen
The following member profile came from Andy Nielsen.

I was born in the small town of Morristown, New Jersey -- of which I remember nothing since my folks packed me and my elder brother in a station wagon six weeks later for a move to the bustling metropolis of Sandusky, Ohio, where I grew up. I spent my formative years like many people: lamenting the fact that a horrifying nine months of the year I was in school and trying to escape the suburbs in my free time. I did this by spending time in the fields and creeks outside of town trying my luck at hunting, fishing, and wandering aimlessly. The only one of these skills that I excelled at was wandering aimlessly, which pretty much accounts for the path of my life since then. I earned a BS in meteorology from Penn State in 1988, despite having placed second in the "Great Missed Classes Race" of fall 1987.

Having indentured myself to the Air Force as a ROTC cadet, I was commissioned a second lieutenant upon graduation. Since the Air Force didn't need me right away, I bought an old motorcycle and toured the northeast for about a month, camping and freeloading my way through New England. On this trip I leaned an important lesson: don't leave oatmeal in its little tubular box inside your non-waterproof pack: it tends to spill all over and, upon contact with rainwater, becomes a concrete-like substance adhering to what you expected to be clean, dry underwear. Since then I have been attempting to improve my outdoor skills.

The Air Force took me in the fall and it's amazing how time flies. I've been fortunate enough to have spent most of my career to date overseas, and was stationed for over four years in Japan and about three in England. As a C-130 navigator, I've had the opportunity to travel extensively, something that I have found I truly love. While stationed in England I met and married my wife, Kate (whom I also truly love). When she let me drag her on a trip to Tunisia and didn't even complain about a two-day bus ride around the country, I knew she was for me! We moved to Albuquerque in 1997.

My interests, in a non-comprehensive sort of way, range from general travel to camping and hiking to scuba diving to motorcycling to skiing. Dispersing my energies, I tend to be OK at a number of things but not really an expert at anything. I became interested in Search and Rescue after hearing stories from Paul Donovan regarding such things as leisurely midnight strolls through the El Malpais lava fields, etc. Search and Rescue appealed to me as a way to help people, satisfy my urge to be outdoors, learn, and meet new people. It has been very satisfying in all of those areas. Back to Top
Web News by Tom Russo
As you may know, our website uses "magic cookies" to customize what you see when you access the pages. We store a little piece of information on your machine that gets sent back to the web site every time you access it, and we use that info to help determine whether it's a member or non-member accessing the site. Unfortunately, when the web site was created in 1996 the program that generates the cookies was set to create them with an expiration date waaaaaaaaay in the future, that is to say December 31st, 2000. Which means that in about three weeks your magic cookie will vanish (it'll turn into a pumpkin cookie, I suppose) and the web site will appear to you as if you've never visited it before. Do not be alarmed! There is no conspiracy to shut you out of the site (the cabal insists I remind you of that). Once your cookie is deleted you can go directly to the members only page (there's a link to take you there even on the public index page) and you'll see a link at the top asking you to "Please get a magic cookie now." If you click that you can forget this whole thing again until December 31st 2020. I trust that'll be long enough. If you want a new cookie with the high-powered preservatives in it right now, you can click your name at the very top of the membersonly page and you can delete the cookie you have now. Reload the membersonly page and click the "Magic Cookie" link as I described above.

I've added a few database functions this month. Most notable for most of you is the new web-based event calendar. I expect that this will replace the newsletter's clunky old "mail-it-to-Tom-and-he'll-type-it-into-the-newsletter" method of getting info into our newsletter's calendar in the very near future. So far, though, you have to go to the website to see new calendar entries, the newsletter is still updated by hand.

The team website can be accessed at http://www.cibolasar.org/
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Special Notes

Climbing School

For anyone interested, the New Mexico Mountain Club Climbing School will be held as usual during April and May, 2001. To sign up, attend the February Mountain Club meeting (Wednesday, February 21) and pay the $75 class fee at that time. Additionally, it costs $8 per year to join the Mountain Club. Additional costs include a climbing harness and shoes. Shoes can be rented or purchased used. The course schedule is as follows. If you have questions about the class, please contact Susan Corban.

April 17-19 (tbd) First Classroom session (evening)
April 21 First Field Session at Lower La Cueva Canyon (Saturday)
April 22 Snow and Ice Practice Sunday-above Santa Fe Ski Basin optional
April 28 Field Session at Bernalillo Cliffs (Saturday)
May 5 Field Session at Lower Juan Tabo or Graduation Climbs (Saturday)
May 12 Field Session at Lower Juan Tabo or Graduation Climbs (Saturday)
May 19 High-angle Rescue Practice (optional)
-- submitted by Susan Corban


In case you need some serious advance planning, the next ESCAPE will be the weekend of May 4, 5, 6, 2001. -- submitted by Susan Corban Back to Top
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