Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 5, Issue 9
14 September 2000
Editors: Tom Russo, Mike Dugger,
and Susan Corban

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Top of the Hill by Larry Mervine
It is nice to see so many new faces on missions. Keep up the good work. I heard some comments from new members on what they carry in their packs. During my six years in search and rescue, my pack has changed many times and always has gotten lighter. But walking on the trail that pack always seems to be too heavy.

Another reminder about team officers. No current officer will return in his or her current position. Mike and I need a break and are not running for any positions. Members can start nominating starting at the September business meeting and will close at the end of November's business meeting. Elections are during the December meeting. All active members can run for office. The training officer/vice-president needs to have all training evaluations current to be nominated. Don't be shy, there are a number of older team members who would gladly guide and advise anyone who does not think they have the experience to be an officer. Remember you do not have to be able to do every task, but be able find someone who can.

See you out there. Back to Top
Boots and Blisters by Tom Russo
We train very hard every month, and it is very good to see that training pay off. Mission 00-05-14 was a tough, dangerous one, and it is good to see our members applying the skills we practice regularly. Our participation in this mission was top-notch, we worked well with the other teams that participated, and we helped to bring a seriously injured person back to safety. I think we all owe it to ourselves to pat each other heartily on the back.

As you know, I'm the sort of guy who looks hard at every experience for opportunities to learn more, practice more, and extend our capabilities. I know that to some this looks as if I never see the positive aspects of our work and focus only on the negative, but this couldn't possibly be farther from the truth: I love to see how this team has honed its skills over the years, and how well-prepared we are to deal with the tough situations we get into as part of this "hobby." I appreciate how hard every member of this team works to be a part of Search and Rescue, and applaud all of our efforts.

But that is as close as I'll ever come to sounding like "Barney the purple dinosaur," so enough of this love fest. We are none of us experts in all things and there are still things we can all learn to do, or that we can do better. To this end, I chose to structure our last litter handling training on September 9th a little differently to hone our technical skills just that little bit. Susan Corban and Nancy O'Neill pitched in and we spent a good chunk of our time reviewing how we use ropes and webbing to assist in technical rescues. We deomnstrated using that webbing that the team issues to us to fashion a quick, field-expedient safety harness, and on how to tie in to a safety line quickly and above all safely; this is largely inspired by the fact that a lot of our members had to stay at the staging area for 00-05-14 just because they had no seat harnesses, and the haul could have easily benefited from everyone's help. I'm sure those members would have preferred to be "where the action was" to having to spend a long, chilly night at a staging area waiting for something to do. In addition, we practiced hard on getting our knot skills sharpened up --- I realize that the last time or two our litter training has not included a solid knot-practice session, and this is a serious omission on my part. We had a good turnout, and Gene Mortimer approved of the ride he got in the litter. We did not have time to practice low-angle rigging as I had hoped, so we'll make sure to cover all that stuff in our November litter training.

October's training on October 15th will be on search techniques and will be led by James Newberry and Joyce Rumschlag. October's evaluation on October 21st will be on litter handling.

September's evaluation will be on search techniques on Sunday, September 17th. Please leave a message on the voicemail if you plan to attend.

It is getting late in the year, and my tenure as training officer will be coming to a close in December. I feel I have accomplished the goals I set out to accomplish back in January of 1999. Those included keeping our training schedule varied and interesting, to make all trainings be practical, hands-on practice in valuable skills, and to make sure our evaluation process was on track to keep as many of our members field-ready as possible. This has taken a lot behind-the-scenes work of the same sort that every officer of this team has to perform, but I've been very happy with the finished product. It's been a wild ride for me, and one that I am glad I took, but I'm looking forward to passing the torch to the next victim. Nominations for next year's training officer open in November, just two short months away. Please think about who you'd like to take this ball and run with it.

Happy trails.

Hike of the MonthPanchuela to Jack's09:30, Oct 1, 2000
Trailhead: Panchuela Campground
R.T. Distance: aprox. 9 milesElevation Min/Max: 8000/10400
Hiking Time 4.5 hoursHazards:
Topo Maps: Cowles, Truchas Peak
Hike Coordinator: Susan Corban
Please let me know if you're going on Oct 1 so we can carpool or meet at the trailhead. This hike will start at the Panchuela Campground in the Pecos Wilderness. Follow trail 271 a short distance to the junction with trail 259. Follow 259 up the forested slope to the junction with 256, but continue on 259 toward Jack's Creek. From the creek, follow 257 south across several meadows on the side of Round Mountain to the Jack's Creek trailhead and parking area. Cross down the road and across Jack's Creek back to Panchuela or drive in the car we will have left at Jack's. For the fall scenery seekers, this hike goes through one of the biggest stands of aspen in the Pecos.
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Business as Usual by David Dixon
Larry welcomed new attendees Dan Arrenholz, Phil Begay, Jennifer Dellinger and Ashley Thompson.

We may need to start assigning members to do Pager 1 if people don't sign up.

Cibola's policy has always been that members should carry pack at all times while on missions.

There were no orientations nor new actives this month. There will be newly scheduled PACE exam in September in Tijeras. Anyone who needs to take the exam is strongly urged you to take advantage. The next scheduled is in Las Cruces in November and then not again until May.

David will not be running for Secretary next year and is willing to work with anyone who is interested in the position.

Monthly financial report is given.

Mike goes over a balance sheet for committee spending. Overall we are at 75% of budget for the year.

August training will be the Williams Lake Bivy Saturday. Will include map/compass and fire-starting. Maps and car pool information is given.

August evaluation is Search Techniques.

There is lengthy discussion of last months highly attended Mock Search. Most felt it went well. Many remarks on communication. See full minutes for additional team comments.

August PR events include Fireside Chat and Hike and UNM Day. David requests help on UNM Day and Hike. East Mountain Rendezvous was canceled due to too few participants.

Nancy asks for WFR materials to send off. She asks for clarification on how many yearly hours WFRs need to stay active.

Old Business
Susan begins a motion to purchase 1st aid kits for WFRs from officers recommendations. Discussion ensues about costs, full kits and purchase and use of epinephrine. Motion is made and passes to spend $500 on supplies not including epi to equip 14 kits for all present team WFRs, active and prospective. Team would ask people to give back supplies if they leave. Supplies used on missions would be replaced by team. Second motion passes to spend rest of REI money on these supplies.

New 4 copy SOAP notes are given out, 2 to each WFR.

New Business
Larry inquires as to who has physical Pager 2. No one responds. [Ed. Note: James Newberry, equipment chair, was not at this meeting, and has indicated that he has it and knew where it was all along]

Writeup by Mike on pagers and suppliers in newsletter. It is agreed that we stay with Contact. Issue of changing companies is tabled to a later date.

Mickey asks those calling in to not leave extraneous information on the hotline. Keep it short with only needed info. Back to Top
Who's Who and New by Susan Corban
John Tomlinson and Charlie Irland have each now had an orientation and are ready to go on missions. Welcome, John and Charlie, we hope to see you on a mission soon. Back to Top
Gearing Up by James Newberry
List of equipment available for Active and prospective members to use on SAR activities. ( For SAR use only)

Paratus Et Vigilans Back to Top
Public Relations by David Dixon
August events went well due to the efforts of devoted members. Susan, Larry and Frances put on a great Fireside Chat on Outdoor Preparedness covering the essentials, clothing, outdoor skills and some search and rescue info. The next day I hiked with a small group and did a short lesson on basic compass skills and GPS use. I think most of them benefited from it. Hopefully they will take a more extensive course as I suggested. At UNM Day, Amber, Frances, Mike, Susan and I helped promote and recruit at our table on the mall. We had quite a few interested people stop by. I know Frances certainly kept them enthralled about sar and our great organization. I think we'll see some at an upcoming meeting.

Thanks again to all who helped. Back to Top
Medical News by Nancy O'Neill
This is the first installment of stuff related to Continuing Education credits for medical providers. Now that I have a firm contact with the State offices, I have been corresponding with said contact and, with any luck, will soon have a detailed list of what we need as WFRs to stay current. The news for now is: I did send in all our copies of certificates and cards and the State office has received them.

There were concerns from a few of you about whether the State had received the registration forms we filled out on the first day of class. Cy emailed this information to the State office in order to register those of us who were enrolled in the class. When I talked with my contact, she affirmed this. I called Cy and he then mailed the hard copies of these forms. The State now has these and everything is fine.

I am still awaiting my CE coordinator number and can't get classes or trainings approved for CE credits until I get it. I am aiming for the new year as the date when I'll have all the requirements we need listed and where and when you can take them. That's all for now. Back to Top
Web News by Wot No Nus

The team website can be accessed at http://www.cibolasar.org/
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Special Notes

Next Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Class

The next WFR class will begin in mid-October at the EMS Academy at UNM. This is the same class some of us took last spring to receive WFR certification. Call 272-5757 for the EMS Academy. -- submitted by Susan Corban

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