Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 6, Issue 11
8 November 2001
Editors: Mike Dugger and Tom Russo

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Top of the Hill by Tom Russo , President
Well, the year is drawing rapidly to a close, and the time will soon come to elect new officers. Most of your current crop of officers will not be seeking office again. I, for one, am ready to step aside and give someone else a chance. I've enjoyed serving the team these past few years, first helping out with the "standards implementation task force," then as training officer, now as president. I think the team has come a long way in this time, thanks to the efforts of many dedicated members. I'm sure the team will be in good hands with the crop of folks who have stepped up to the plate to be officers next year.

I think the biggest threat to the team right now is our slowly dwindling membership. We have known for some time that 3-5 years tends to be the average stay for most members, and several very active members recently left the team after just about that span. We had a huge influx of new members about three years ago, but very few of those folks are still with us. Recruitment will have to be a continuous, vigorous process.

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Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes by Jeff Phillips, Secretary

Minutes of 11 October, 2001 Business Meeting

Members Attending

19 Members, Larry Mervine, Tom Russo, Aaron Hall, Jeff Phillips, Terry Hardin, Steve Buckley, Mike Dugger, Charles Irland, Chris Murray, Tony Gaier, Dennis Barnhart, Mickey Jojola, Art Fischer, Brian Lematta, Stephen Teller, Ed Mighetto, James Newberry, Joyce Rumschlag, and Steve Hochman.

3 Familiar faces Don Gibson, Don Codding and Roberta Begaye.

4 New faces, Dominic Chacon, Alex Abeyta, Jocelyn DeHaas and Paul Apostolos.

President's Report

Tom opened the meeting at 1920 with introductions. Pagers #1 and 2 were identifed for October.


In Dave's absence, Tom referred members to the Newsletter for details.

Secretary's Report

No report. As usual. Or was there something I simply neglected to write down. If there was it was unremarkable.

Treasurer's Report

Brian reported that there were several major cash outlays in the month previous including WFR/WFA class and team pager bill. These were somewhat offset by donations and Brian reported our continued healthy financial status.

Brian briefed the team that we are at "risk" under our current way of doing business and made the following suggestions. 1) Disable the ATM Card from being able to make cash withdrawals. - COMPLETED. 2) Take the P.O. Box key away from the Treasurer. - COMPLETED. 3) Require 2 signatures on all checks. Order new checks to reflect this. Discussion ensued. Mike made a motion, James seconded and it passed unanimously. Brian will take this action and report back to the team when it is complete.

Training Officer's Report

James discussed upcoming events including Octber Land Navigation Training, November Land Navigation Evaluation and November Pre-Meeting Mini-Lesson on Winter Gear.

Equipment Committee Report

Tony reported that he recently purchased new ropes. He will obtain the mini-gear box from Paul D. and provide it to the next high mission attendee that should have it.

Public Relations Committee Report

Larry again requested assistance with the October 20th Boy Scouts event in the Pecos area.

Medical/Continuing Education Report

Mike reported that the WFR/WFA training went very well. He also reported that the Wilderness Protocols have been approved at the state level and are in the process of being placed in the official rules. He will update the WFRs when the protocols are actually ok to use.

Old Issues

Aaron reported on the ICOM Radios that A1 Communications in Santa Fe has available. Ask Aaron if you have questions on the details.

New Issues

Nominations for Officers has opened and will close at the end of the November Business Meeting. The vote count will be conducted at the December Business Meeting.

Jeff agreed to provide State Police District Dispatch phone numbers to Tom so pager handlers can call about the status of out-of-district missions. Back to Top
Who's Who and New by David Dixon, Membership Officer
Don Codding had his orientation and becomes our newest prospective member. His mentor is Steve Buckley and he's on Mickey's tree. Welcome, Don, to Cibola Search and Rescue.

A reminder again that the phone tree changes frequently and you should print out a new copy regularly, especially if you are pager 1 or 2 or a tree top. I print several copies and keep them handy in my car and pack. That way I have all team numbers handy.

We have seen a reduction in our numbers this year and I would like to encourage everyone to continue to recruit those you feel are member material. Some of our best recruits have been friends or co-workers of current members. Also, the Public Relations Committee has Cibola posters and pamphlets you can put up. See the P.R. Chair Larry Mervine for these.

Finally, it's United Way time and I would also like to remind everyone to encourage co-workers, neighbors, family, anyone who contributes to United Way to give to us. (And don't forget yourself). Many people regularly donate to the general fund and could instead give some or all to us. This is Cibola's primary area of funding and the more we encourage and let others know of our positive role in the community, the more we'll get. Also, a reminder that donations need to be specifically denoted on the back of the contribution card.

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Medical News by Mike Dugger and Mickey Jojola
During our WFR recertification and WFA class, Cy Stockhoff invited WFRs to attend a special lecture on altitude-related illness by a visiting physician who specializes in this area. Thanks to Charlie Irland for getting the details for us. The lecture is entitled "Altitude Sickness and Backcountry Medicine," and will take place at the EMS Academy on 1 Dec 2001 at 0800. All WFRs are invited to attend.

Answer to the Last WFR Question of the Month

What are the TWO types of ASR, and how can they be distinguished from one another?

ASR is an acronym for acute stress reaction, and is a reaction to stress of any type that produces physiological symptoms that can look like true shock, that is, lack of perfusion of the brain and vital organs with blood. Most often ASR is a reaction to minor injury that is not life-threatening, and the symptoms are short-lived. However, ASR can mask real problems.

ASR can manifest itself in two ways. The first is "sympathetic ASR," and has effects associated with the release of adrenaline. The pulse and respiration increase, blood flow to the muscles increases, and the body is made ready for "fight or flight." The main problem with this type of ASR is that adrenaline release can also mask pain in various parts of the body, making it difficult to assess injuries. For example, it is not possible to clear a potential spinal injury in a patient that is exhibiting ASR. The other type of ASR is called "parasympathetic ASR." It can make the patient feel nauseated and light-headed, and is due to sudden slowing of the heart rate. Like sympathetic ASR, this is also harmless except that it can mask pain and produce symptoms that look like volume shock. ASR conditions are distinguished from true shock by taking a series of vital signs over time. In cases of ASR, the vital signs will return to more normal values after a short time.

The Next Medical Question of the Month

Compare and contrast the diagnosis and treatment of frostnip versus frostbite.

Check here in the future for answers to this medical question of the month.

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Web News by Tom Russo
News? No, just more of the same. We continue to get a steady trickle of folks interested in the team, and positive comments on the contents from all around the world. As always, if you think you can contribute to the educational content of the site, let me know. The best approach is to write a feature article for the newsletter; I usually turn those into separate web pages on the web site.
The team website can be accessed at http://www.cibolasar.org/
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