Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 6, Issue 12
13 December 2001
Editors: Mike Dugger and Tom Russo

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Top of the Hill by Tom Russo, President
Well, folks, it's been fun.

I would like to thank you all for a great year as President. It's been mostly a nice, quiet year, and I like that. I hope our next president has as good an experience at the helm. The team is in good hands, please continue to give them your support and lend a hand when needed. An officer's job is always easier when the team works together toward a common goal, and as always the common goal for this team is to be the most professional, competent, and dedicated team of SAR volunteers we can be.

Hats off to all of you, and thank you again.

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Boots and Blisters by James Newberry, Training Officer
Here it is folks, the end 2001.

My Reign of Terror as Vice Prez has come to an end. I can honestly say, it has been real, it has been fun and it has been real fun. I have learned more than a bucket full. I hope some of you did too.

Before I melt back into the vast realms of sardom, I would like to say a Big "Paratus Et Vigilans" to Mickey Jojola, Mike Dugger, Steve Buckley (aka Sgt. Buckley), Joyce Rumschlag, Andy Nielsen, Aaron Hall, Tom Russo, Jeff Phillips, David Dixon, Terry Hardin, Chris Murray and gone and almost forgotten Paul Donovan for the help with the trainings and evals this year.

Speaking of Trainings and Eval: The new VP/TO will need just as much help as I did. I hope "ALL OF YOU" will pitch in and make next year even better. I'm going to do my part, I'm the guest speaker for the pre meeting training in January (and you thought you had heard the last from me!)

Merry Christmas Everyone, see you next year!

James" The plain ole' Chimp again" Newberry

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Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes by Jeff Phillips, Secretary

Minutes of 08 November, 2001 Business Meeting

Members Attending

16 Members, Larry Mervine, Tom Russo, Jeff Phillips, Terry Hardin, Steve Buckley, Mike Dugger, Charles Irland, Mickey Jojola, Brian Lematta, Joyce Rumschlag, Steve Hochman, David Chapek, Lili Zeismann, Don Codding, David Dixon, and Frances Robertson.

1 Familiar face: Roberta Begaye.

1 New face: Bill Poindexter.

President's Report

Tom opened the meeting at 1920 with introductions. Pagers #1 and 2 were identifed for November.


Dave announced that Don Codding is our newest Prospective Member. Dave pointed members to the Newsletter and to two lists containing members' training and evaluation attendance records and needs in order to remain "available" and "field certified".

Treasurer's Report

Brian reported that he had completed the "security measures" discussed in October. Brian then reported income, expense and net worth.

Training Officer's Report

The Saturday 11-10-01 training on Evening Search Techniques at Bear Canyon was announced.

Equipment Committee Report

It was determined that Art Fischer would receive the "mini cache" as a high mission attendee.

Public Relations Committee Report

Larry reported that the October 20th Boy Scouts event went very well. He also reported that the PR display presentation is being worked on and the Committee is looking for pictures and patches.

Medical/Continuing Education Report

Mike reported that there is an Altitude Sickness lectures at the EMS Academy on December 1st. Details are in the Newsletter. Mike then lead a discusion on "Frost Nip" and "Frost Bite".

Old Issues

Discussion of what, if anything, to do when a mission call comes in with no Mission #. It was agreed that it is not that big a deal and no policy was made.

New Issues

Nominations for Officers closed. The following nominees were identified. President - David Dixon, Vice President/Training Officer - Aaron Hall, Treasurer - Art Fischer, Membership Officer - Steve Buckley, and Secretary - Joyce Rumschlag. The vote count will be conducted at the December Business Meeting.

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Who's Who and New by David Dixon, Membership Officer
Aidan Thompson is Cibola's newest prospective member. His mentor is Andy Nielsen. Welcome, Aidan, to late night missions, some great trainings and challenging evaluations. We all hope you enjoy it all as much as we do.

As my time as Membership Officer comes to a close I would like to express some thanks - to new members for being patient while I rambled on about Cibola and got picky with their pack, to the team for their support and allowing me to be another officer, and especially to the other officers for the great Chinese dinners! I salute their dedication and hard work.

As I move on to a new team challenge I encourage everyone to continue to be good members and recruiters. Keep your pack well stocked and your direction true (or magnetic if you prefer).

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Coming Attractions by Tom Russo
Now that I won't have presidential and other officer duties to distract me anymore, I can devote more time to browbeating^Wconvincing newsletter contributors not to leave the thing so empty. Next year's officers will get to meet my old friend "Sarge" every month before newsletter deadline, and I hope our team members will cast pearls of wisdom before the team on a regular basis, too. Minilessons on SAR topics would be VERY welcome, and I hope you will all step forward to contribute some. Or else.

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Bronze Boot by Tom Russo
There have been no nominations for bronze boot since we reinstated the award earlier this year. But we will be giving out some recognition awards at the party this weekend, and the Boot will be there for Kodak Moments with the recipients.

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Web News by Tom Russo
There has been no activity on the website front. I hope to fix up some database issues I never finished, and maybe clean up the very, very hodgepodge programs that drive the databases. I think my next task is to get the pager handler information into the database, rather than require the newsletter editors to enter it into the newsletter every month by hand. Maybe it'll be done by this time next year...

The team website can be accessed at http://www.cibolasar.org/
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