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9 August 2001
Editors: Mike Dugger and Tom Russo

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Top of the Hill by Tom Russo , President
Not much to report on this month. We had a couple of missions and a hoax to respond to, but other than that it's been really quiet.

In response to some queries over the past few months, Jeff Phillips and I will be presenting a training on August 12th entitled "Base Operations and the Field Responder." It will be a primer for new folks on what went on to start the mission, what's going on in base (in theory), how you fit into the organization, and most importantly what to do (and not to do) when you show up to base. Jeff will be presenting some ICS background that should help you prepare for your PACE exams and understand the structure of the Incident Command System. And we'll conclude the thing with a tabletop exercise that should be interesting --- we'll divide into groups with filled out "SAR Questionaire Parts A and B" and ask them to use what they learned to try to work out how they would begin the mission. It's harder than it sounds, and this should be an interesting exercise. Then, each group will "call for resources" and try to brief the other group to carry out the tasks they've come up with. We'll not actually deploy teams, just go through the motions.

Our event calendar has shown the location of this event for some time now, but on reflection we've changed it. The training will take place at 9am on Sunday, August 12th at the Pine Flat picnic grounds, about 8 miles south on South Highway 14. We chose this location because it has tables and ample shade, two features that make it far more appropriate a location than Bear Canyon at this time of year. Our field exercise won't involve hiking around, and in fact our scenario mission won't even be "taking place" at the Pine Flat picnic ground --- we'll pretend we're at the base of La Luz or elsewhere. A copy of the Sandia Crest USGS Quad would come in handy, as would any ICS Plans or Ops kits that could make there way there.

September's training is fast approaching, and planning is well underway. September 15th, about 6pm. Please plan to attend.

We'll probably have a map reading training with a field exercise in October. This won't be the same as the "map reading lecture and four-point orienteering course" training that has become our standard for several years now, but an intensive "learn how to visualize the terrain from the squiggles on the map" practice. This idea came to us after watching people struggling with the problem at Bear Canyon during our last land navigation eval. Watch James' column in coming months for more details. Back to Top
Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes by Jeff Phillips, Secretary

Minutes of 12 July, 2001 Business Meeting

Members Attending

16 Members, Dennis Barnhart, Steve Buckley, Paul Donovan, Art Fischer, Aaron Hall, Terry Hardin, Adam Hernandez, Mickey Jojola, Larry Mervine, James Newberry, Andy Nielsen, Jeff Phillips, Frances Robertson , Joyce Rumschlag, Tom Russo, Lili Zeismann.

2 Familiar faces, Jennifer Dellinger and Ben Traub.

1 New face, Aidan Thompson.

President's Report

Tom opened the meeting at 1950 after a not unexpected long-running pre-meeting "mini" by NM DPS SRO Rick Goodman. Introductions were forgone due to everyone's familiarity. Pager handlers were identified for July and August.


The first time attendee was introduced. Dave was not in attendance so members were directed towards the newsletter for recent membership news.

Secretary's Report

No report. As usual.

Treasurer's Report

Brian was not in attendance so members were directed towards the newsletter. Special recognotion was given to the generous $200 gift by L&M Technologies.

Training Officer's Report

James reported that the July evaluation on litter handling was cancelled due to lack of participation. Reminded people to call the hotline often and to state whether or not they intend to participate in events. James briefly discussed upcoming training for July and the Base Camp training now scheduled for August.

Public Relations Committee Report

Larry stated that the fire side chat at Elena Gallegos Open Space on July 7th was very well attended (50-60 people) and the next committee meeting was scheduled for July 26th.

Medical/Continuing Education Report

Mickey stated that a 16 hour WFA class (unknown cost) was tentatively scheduled for the weekend of September 29 & 30 as well as a recertification class for WFRs ($175 per person) the three days prior to that weekend. These dates are based on instructor availability. The team discussed and then voted to have Mickey lock those dates in. Details will follow.

Mickey stated that there is also a possibility of recertifying along with St. John's College and he is continuing to look into that.

Mickey stated that it looks like wilderness protocols will be approved for First Responders who have WFR certification. This is not yet certain and everyone was reminded to use their current protocols until officially notified of a change.

Finally, Mickey mentioned HPMO insuance company that, according to John Tull of St. John's College, has a $1M policy for individual medical personnel. The website is www.hpmo.com.

Old Issues

With regard to the previously tabled issue of subsidizing WFRs' attendance at the EMS Conference 23-28 July the team voted to approve a 20% reimbursement as incentive for WFRs to attend. Receipts will be due by the August business meeting.

New Issues

Tom announced a request for Cibola members to be a part (as mock victims) of the Albuquerque Sunport Full-Scale Disaster Exercise on September 28.

Tom announced an invitation for Cibola members to assist with the MS Society Bike Race.

Jeff discussed the possibility of Cibola becoming active in Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs) in the immediate area of District 5. The PR Committee will discuss the matter more at the next meeting.

Tom handed off the potential purchase of ICOM F2 Radios through state contract to Aaron Hall.


Bronze Boot Awards were presented to Mickey Jojola and to Paul Donovan, Aaron Hall and Steve Buckley. Ask them why... Back to Top
Who's Who and New by David Dixon, Membership Officer
Our newest prospective member is Stephen Teller. He completed his orientation last week and is ready to hit the mission trail. He will be on Larry's tree and I'll handle mentor duties. Introduce yourself and give him a welcome when you see him.

As membership officer two of my responsibilities are getting members to handle pager duties and soliciting Member Profiles. Concerning pager duties, I agree with the president that all active members should share this responsibility. As has been previously pointed out by Tom, with 27 actives currently on the team we'd all need to be Pager 1 only once every two years. And we can always use more who are willing to be Pager 2 and handle the equipment. Right now too few members take on these tasks. My other thought is for those that have slipped into "Not Available" or "Not Field Certified" status to be a pager during this down time. Being unavailable for missions doesn't preclude you from handling a pager and seems to be an obvious time to do it. As Barney the dinosaur says, "sharing responsibilities is so important for any good volunteer organization".

Secondly, it's been too long since we had a Member Profile in the newsletter. As I've mentioned before these personal overviews are a great way to get to know each other and further team camaraderie. It really would be nice to have one every month. If you have not done one please consider it. Read some in past newsletters, compose one for yourself and submit it to me. Right now you'll get it published next month.

I encourage everyone who is not available for missions to attend the next two trainings so they can retain mission availability. (Of course I encourage availables to attend also). But you say you want different trainings? Well August and September are exactly that. The training officer and his diligent helpers have been working hard to bring you the upcoming Base Camp Operations and in September a great Mock Search with other teams. Set the dates aside and plan on attending both. Back to Top
Public Relations by Larry Mervine
We have an opportunity to do some PR stuff this month at UNM. Friday August 24th between 9:00AM and 2:00 PM we will have a booth at UNM. In past years we have had success with getting new members at this event. If anyone wants to volunteer let me know.

Also in October the Boys Scouts is asking us to help with training. The topic is wilderness tracking. Anyone wanting to help contact Larry M. The training is scheduled for October 20th in the Pecos.

Does anyone have a favorite spot where we could place one of our Cibola posters? Get a poster from the PR man. Back to Top
Bronze Boot by Nob Ody
There were no Bronze Boot nominations this month. Contact any officer to nominate one of your teammates for this prestigious award. Back to Top
Medical News by Mickey Jojola
Answer to July's WFR Question of the month

What would you do if a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake bit you or a teammate?

Well scream and run may be the first thing that runs through your mind but what about your buddy? Or yourself? Since moving too quickly or panicking causes an increase in heart rate it could possibly increase the movement of the venom through your system. Stay calm! In general the symptoms that can occur with the bite of a pit viper (which a Western Diamondback is) are: Swelling, burning, and pain at the bite site may be severe with tissue breakdown around the bite. Symptoms involving the whole body include nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, thick tongue, difficulty speaking and swallowing, numbness, and tingling around the mouth. In some cases (rare though) death may occur. Another problem related to the bite is infection, which may occur at the bite site several days later.

So, your buddy is complaining of burning pain. You're not too late. So what should you do? Well getting to a doctor would be the thing to do, but... You are a WFR meaning that you are probably in the wilderness very far away and you have to take care of it NOW. So you'd better wash the snakebite area with soap and water and remove all jewelry or other things that may get tight when the swelling comes. Then very carefully apply a constricting band above the bite. It should be tight enough to slow circulation but not stop pulses. Be careful, if you go too tight you may lose a limb. Generally no tighter than a rubber band would if you put one over your arm. If at all in doubt DON'T DO IT. You will want to also immobilize the limb below the heart as much as possible and cool the area to control pain but do not apply ice directly. Evac as soon as possible. Be aware that if they stop breathing then you'll need to start CPR. At the hospital they will likely use an anti-venom to help your friend.

If you want more info on this and other interesting wilderness owies, like the one that we just went though you can look where I found this information at http://www.emedicine.com/wild/topic66.htm. A good source of information on a lot of topic.

Next month: Head trauma. What is it and how can it be defined and treated. Back to Top
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