Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 6, Issue 9
13 September 2001
Editors: Mike Dugger and Tom Russo

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Top of the Hill by Tom Russo, President
I write these words just a couple of days after the terrible events in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. I'm sure you are all as stunned as I am. Our thoughts, hearts and prayers go out to the families of all those who perished as a result of these terrible acts. Remember also that hundreds of emergency services personnel are missing, presumed dead after the collapse of the two massive structures. These heroic people rushed to the aid of their fellow citizens, placing themselves at great risk and ultimately giving their lives to save others. Please join me in saluting our fallen comrades.

On a personal note: my cousin Cathy Zarr was one of the paramedics on scene at the World Trade Center. Her brother, Carl, is with the NYPD and is also working the scene. While it is worrisome that she was hospitalized after being overcome by smoke, I am greatly relieved that neither she nor Carl are among the missing. My brother-in-law, Eric Fredericks, is one of the iron workers who are working to dismantle the twisted wreckage. My sister Dianna, who normally would have been on her way from the World Trade Center subway station to her office nearby at the time of the disaster, was on vacation in the Caribbean at the time with several of her friends that worked in or near the twin towers. Needless to say, I am well aware of the anguish that those with missing loved ones must feel --- it took several hours to get in contact with my family to confirm everyone's safety. I'm very thankful that my news was good news all around, and my thoughts and prayers are with those who were not as fortunate.

On another note, just yesterday I was driving home and realized that there's only one more meeting between the publication of this issue and the close of nominations for officers for 2002. Guess we ought to think about opening nominations, yes? Please start thinking about who you'd like to see in office next year, and submit your nomination to any current officer by the close of the November business meeting.

Planning for the mock search has been going well. While we don't expect the tremendous turnout we had last year (about 70 responders), we have confirmed that several teams from around the state will indeed be out to play that night. Please let's have as close to 100% Cibola attendance as we can. With ground-pounding missions so few and far between these days, we could use all the practice we can get. Watch your phones around 5pm on Saturday, 15 September. Back to Top
Boots and Blisters by James Newberry, Training Officer
Its September already. Wow! My Reign of Terror as the Training Officer is just about over.

Here is what's coming up in the near future for your training pleasure.

September 15 MOCK SEARCH
somewhere in the Sandias. around 6ish pm. This promises to be a great Training opportunity for one and all. There will be Teams coming from all over the state to participate. A good turn out from Cibola is a must. See one and all there!
September 29Wilderness 1st aid and Wfr refresher
Location ? and cost ? to be talked about at the meeting.
Oct. 6 Litter Evaluation
3 gun springs trail head inn Carnuel. 9 am Call the voice mail hotline and let me know your coming.

Oct. 11 Business meeting 7:15 pm
Pre meeting Training Critical stress management 6:30 pm
Oct. 14 Map reading training
time and location TBA

Until next time
Paratus Et Vigilans Back to Top
Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes by Jeff Phillips, Secretary

Minutes of 09 August, 2001 Business Meeting

Members Attending:

18 Members, Erik Aspelin, Steve Buckley, David Dixon, Mike Dugger, Art Fischer, Tony Gaier, Aaron Hall, Terry Hardin, Charles Irland, Brian Lematta, Larry Mervine, Chris Murray, James Newberry, Andy Nielsen, Jeff Phillips, Joyce Rumschlag, Tom Russo, and Stephen Teller

1 Familiar face, Aidan Thompson.

2 New faces, Karen Moore and David Brysdal.

President's Report:

Tom opened the meeting at 1915 with introductions. Pager handlers were identified for coming months.


Charlie Irland agreed to do refreshments for the September meeting. Dave introduced Stephen Teller as a new prospective. Dave made a call for Pager handlers.

Treasurer's Report:

Brian reported income, expenses and current bank bank balance. A review of the budget at mid-year shows actual expenses under and actual income over budget.

Training Officer's Report:

James reminded people to call the hotline often and to state whether or not they intend to participate in events. James discussed upcoming events for August and September including Base Camp training, SC training in Las Vegas and Las Cruces, Search Techniques Evaluation and the Mock Search set for September 15th.

Equipment Committee Report:

Tony will be making purchases soon to restock the cache of consumables.

Public Relations Committee Report:

Larry stated that the PR Committee would be working at UNM Day on August 24th and will do a presentation for the Boy Scouts in October near Pecos. He reminded everyone that there are posters available if they have ideas where to put them.

Medical/Continuing Education Report:

Mike stated that tentative arrangements have been made for Wilderness First Aid class on 29-30 September. Details will be forthcoming. The WFRs will need to take a few hours extra on the evenings of 27-28 September.

Old Issues:

Aaron agreed to look into the purchase of ICOM F2 radios from AI Communications and put the information on the list serve.

New Issues:

Tom and Mike requested volunteers to assist with Newsletter Editing.

Tom will host a party for Susan Corban at his home on Saturday August 25th. Back to Top
Who's Who and New by David Dixon, Membership Officer
David Chapek is our newest prospective member. His mentor is Adam Hernandez and he's on Mike Dugger's tree. I know he's ready for missions because he's already been on one. Welcome him and say hey.

I encourage everyone to attend this month's mock search training. We all long for more missions so let's make up our own, have fun and learn some new things. We'll also have the opportunity to work with other teams. (A reminder again that some of you need the training to get back to mission availability).

A few weeks ago we had our "Thank You" party for Susan Corban. There was lots of food and drink, comraderie with Cibola people, comraderie with non-Cibola people and a very surprised Susan. I know she appreciated it and thought that the engraved leatherman was the perfect gift. The officers thank all who contributed to it. A big thanks also to Tom for hosting. Back to Top
Gearing Up by Tony Gaier, Equipment Committee chair
The Gear Guy would like to remind you to check your backpacks to ensure you have everything in them required for mission participation. I have batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, & 4.5), trail tape, ear plugs, rubber gloves, and MREs to be used for missions. Please see me if you need anything. People with Mission Supply Boxes please let me know if you need items to restock your boxes. Back to Top
Bronze Boot submitted by James Newberry
James has nominated Steve Buckley for another Bronze Boot this month. Steve has done an outstanding job as pre-event logistics chief during the preparations for the mock search. His efficiency has exceeded expectations, and we should all give him a round of applause now, and after the mock search. Back to Top
Medical News by Mike Dugger and Mickey Jojola
It took some doing, but it looks like our Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness First Aid class is ON for the end of September. Specifically, the "joint sessions" will be on the weekend of September 29 and 30 from 8 AM to 5 PM. In addition, the people taking the WFR refresher class will also meet September 27 and 28 from 7 to 10 PM. Location is still being finalized, but it will probably be at Hodgin Elementary school. Some of you may recall that this is where we offered the original WFA class in October of 1999.

Our class will be a special one for several reasons. First, we will have a great instructor - Carl Gilmore of Taos. Carl is an wilderness EMT-P, and has been teaching medical classes all over the region for many years. He is also well known at the EMS Bureau and up on all the regulations and protocols there. Second, in addition to all the required FR material, Carl is a qualified Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA) instructor, so our refresher will include information consistent with this well-known wildnerness training program. Third, this class combines WFA and the WFR refresher required of EMS-certified WFRs, so that both medical providers and those who just want to be able to take care of themselves and team mates can attend most of the class together.

Cost for the class and any team financial support will be discussed at our business meeting. After we know how many of our team members will attend, we will open up the class to others in the search and rescue community, followed by anyone else that wishes to attend. External costs for the WMA-WFR refresher will be around $250, and for the WFA portion alone around $200. There is no other class like it - I expect it will be a fun and informative experience! Back to Top
Web News by Tom Russo
There have been no new additions to the team website for several months, but please don't stop exploring it. Remember to keep your address and phone numbers current by contacting the Membership Officer, David Dixon, should you move or change phone numbers.
The team website can be accessed at http://www.cibolasar.org/
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Special Notes
Joyce Rumschlag has been certified in Critical Incident Stress Management, and was recently accepted to the New Mexico CISM team. Congratulations, Joyce! Back to Top
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