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11 July 2002
Editors: Mike Dugger and Tom Russo

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Top of the Hill by David Dixon , President
I first want to congratulate all who worked the recent El Malpais mission. Eleven members responded to a mission that covered 3 days and 5 operational periods. Some diehards even went back in the field for more than one of those periods. In fact, we honor 2 prospectives this month with the Bronze Boot award for their dedication on this mission. I think they would agree that "the boot" could as easily gone to anyone who responded. Or to the person who nominated those prospectives and who responded in another much needed way: Tom jumped in and handled difficult Pager duties even though he was not 1 or 2.

Conditions in this part of the state are always tough. In fact I think all of us who have trekked there would agree that any mission in the Malpais is a "Mission in hell". In addition, summer temperatures and smoky conditions made it even worse. None of that matters to this team of dedicated volunteers. In fact, in describing Cibola and its members the words strength and commitment easily come to mind. Our actions on this most challenging of missions make it easy to use these adjectives. A big WAY TO GO to all for a job very well done.

Good searching.

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Boots and Blisters by Aaron Hall, Training Officer
Despite the forest closures June was a good month for training. We met at the Ellena Galliegos trailhead and practiced hasty search techniques. We also experimented with sound detection and learned an important lesson: Voices can be heard at approximately twice the distance (1/2 mile) that whistles can be heard (1/4 mile). So remember to use your voice a little the next time you are out on a hasty search.

Five people passed the June Search Techniques Evaluation, way to go!

Tom Russo will conduct July's training (Thanks Tom)! It will be on techniques for a low angle litter raise, specifically, the "Z" system. The training will take place at Pine Flats Picnic Ground on Sunday July 14th at 9:00am. Pine Flat Picnic ground is on South Hwy 14 (NM 337), about 7-8 miles down the road from I-40/Tijeras Exit. Tom says: "We will not be going far from the picnic area, as most of the forest is still closed. There are adequate low-angle slopes and anchors available right there in the picnic area. Please come prepared with your full SAR pack (including carabiners and webbing), food and water. If you own a rock helmet, bring it. If not, consider buying one. A bicyle helmet will suffice for this training, but not for a real mission. Bring a climbing harness if you own one. Topics covered: safety in low-angle technical rescue, knots, basic mechanics of rigging and anchor systems, rescue team organization, setting anchors, rigging mechanical advantage haul systems and belay systems. Litter packaging will not be covered. Expect to spend at least four hours at this training. Come prepared for weather (hot and sunny with potential for thunderstorms)."

July's Evaluation will be on Litter Handling Techniques on Sunday July 28th. It will be held at the Embudo Trailhead at the East end of Indian School at 9:00 am. Please leave a message on the hotline if you plan to attend.

Hike of the MonthSTAR PARTY2000, Aug 03, 2002
Trailhead: Oak Flat Juniper Area
R.T. Distance: 0 milesElevation Min/Max: 7300/7300
Hiking Time hoursHazards:
Topo Maps: Escabosa
Hike Coordinator: Albuquerque Astronomical Society
AAS co hosts with the Friends of Tijeras Pueblo. Programs start at 8:00 P.M. followed by stargazing. Bring a picnic dinner and enjoy a summers evening gazing at the stars. Second party will be on Sept.14. Hopefully next month we will be able to get out hiking in the Pecos. Watch this section of the newsletter for details.
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Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes by Joyce Rumschlag, Secretary

Minutes of 13 of June, 2002 Business Meeting

Pre-meeting mini lesson was presented by Aaron Hall on Dangerous Situations we get into in the course of doing a mission. Urban searchers, entering private property and driving home after the mission were at the top of the list.

President's Report

David Dixon started the meeting at 1925 with the introduction of the officers and general introductions. No new business.


Aaron Hall mentioned that a possible new training could be terrain identification. ESCAPE will be held at Philmont Boy Scout ranch in 2003. He also reviewed previous months training and reminded members that Search Tech Eval would be on June 22.


Last reminded to turn in receipts for ESCAPE if you expect reimbursement. Last months expenses were $604.72. This amount was for batteries, ESCAPE, and Medical CE tape program. New Mexico State Employees Charity Campaign is running behind schedule and we should have our application next wee. The due date is July 5, 2002.


Steve Buckley had found a source for Cibola patches. CD's would be less money to put the member guide on than the $8. to $10 it is presently costing the team. He also mentioned that we need to get serious about the mock search since it is coming up in September. The following amendment to the by laws was presented and passed by membership 13 for 0 against.

Member's training participation will be evaluated at the end of June and the end of December. Members who have not participated in at least two trainings in the last six months will be declared Not Available for Missions (NA) and will not be able to participate in a mission in any capacity until the deficient training is made up. For example, if a member has one training in the January-June period, the member will need to attend one training in July-December period in order to be declared available for missions. If the member has no trainings in the previous six-month period the member must attend two trainings in the current period. In all cases, a training attended during the current period to make up for a deficiency from the previous period will not count for the training currency in the current period. Member's evaluation participation will be evaluated at the end of December. Members who have not passed an evaluation for Search Techniques, Land Navigation, and Litter Handling during the previous calendar year will be declared Not Field Certified (NFC) and will not be able to participate in a mission as a fielded team member until the deficient evaluation is made up. NFC members may participate in Base Camp operations. For example, if a member has passed all evaluations except Land Navigation, the member will need to pass the Land Navigation evaluation in order to be declared field certified. Cibola SAR provided a vital service to the community. Lives are frequently at stake when Cibola SAR is activated for a mission. To maximize the safety of every team member, Cibola SAR has adopted a set of training standards for mission-ready members. These standards also ensure a common level of basic training for all members in the skills that Cibola SAR frequently provides during the location and rescue of a lost person. As noted above, the standard can be found in the appendix to the member guide. Each member will be required to pass all three evaluations in a calendar year to remain field certified.


Tony Gaier reported that he is working on the prussic ropes and that we are well stocked.


Mike Dugger reported that he had sent away for the catalog for the CE courses. The "movies" would be shown on a rotating basis among interested members. Popcorn may be provided.

P.R. Committee

David Dixon and Frances Robertson reported about their presentation at E.G. Ross Elementary School. The focus of their instruction was on things to take on a hike and how not to get lost. The next two meeting are scheduled for June 20, and August 29, both meeting will be at 1830 at the Frontier Restaurant.

New Business

It was suggested that Cibola purchase sets of maps that we most frequently use to be given to members. The maps would include Sandia Crest, Tijeras, Sedillo. Membership passed the motion 12 for 0 against. It was also suggested that team shirts would be nice especially when we attended events like ESCAPE. Vests that could be worn over warm clothing would be practical. We will talk to Chris Murray since we started this project some time ago before we proceed. Tony Gaier would like to look into getting a new litter since the old litter has problems with the pins being inserted properly. The cost of the new litter would be about $459.

Meeting was adjourned at 2100.

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Who's Who and New by Steven Buckley, Membership Officer
We received several new contacts this month but had no new prospective members. After the January to June training half, six members of our team need one training and two members need two trainings to become available for missions. I will follow the procedure to get back on status that we voted on last month (until told differently). For those of you with one training, I will make you available for missions as soon as you get one training. For those of you that need two trainings, ditto as soon as you get two trainings. Any training sessions used to make up for the last half will not count for the two trainings needed for this half. I will be handing out letters to the members this pertains to at this month's meeting or by mail or E-mail. Aaron has a great training program that is fun, valuable, and counts for the trainings that you need. I urge you to get out and get the trainings you need. Cibola needs you field capable and so does our subjects!

We have been conducting an interesting discussion on the possibility of Cibola participating in Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) membership with AMRC. I urge you to take part in this discussion. This could be very important to Cibola and your input is a must. I know how I feel about it. I need to know how the rest of you feel about it so I can be sure that we are looking at the issue from all sides. If everyone interested comments, then I will know that all issues have been covered. Join in. We need your input.

I have drawn a line in the sand and will finalize the Member Guide for your vote on the August meeting. For those members on the review committee that have not given me comments...now is the time. Get them to me ASAP. We will meet in late July and I will finalize the MG for the team's vote. I intend to publish the draft for the team's review at least a week before the August meeting.

It is time to get serious about our Mock Search. We are planning to hold it in September. I suggest that we hold it September 21st or 28th. I intend to get your input at this meeting. I need two more Cibola members to be on the planning committee and one AMRC member as well. In addition, I would like to invite one or two prospective members to be on the planning committee. It is a great way to figure out what the New Mexico SAR community is all about.

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Bronze Boot
This month Cibola would like to honor prospective members Aidan Thompson and Alex Fischer with the Bronze Boot award for their dedication and hard work on the El Malpais mission. As much I enjoy giving the boot for any reason I feel the greatest honor goes to those that receive it for mission work. Both Alex and Aidan went back in the field for more than one operational period, on a mission that elsewhere in this newsletter was aptly described as "hell". Congratulations to both of you. With commitment like that we know you'll both be staying with us and continue that great service as actives.

Honorable mention must go to everyone else who worked the mission as responders or pager handlers. Way to go everyone.

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Medical News by Mike Dugger
I have finally received the catalog of videotapes for medical CEs from EMS district III. Just a quick glance reveals a very comprehensive list of videos, many of which offer BLS medical CEs. Now I will request tapes and begin scheduling viewing sessions. We'll do the first one at my place. I would welcome suggestions from other medical providers, or any team member, on sites to hold viewing sessions. If you have suggestions for video subject matter, or a location to view the tapes and take the tests, please contact Mickey or me. Look for announcements on the medical listserver and the telephone hotline about upcoming sessions. I hope to have one the weekend of July 20, probably the afternoon of July 21.

Kevin Nufer, our medical director, has requested that we modify the date of our mission review session. It will take place on August 19 at 7:00 PM. I am attempting to get a CE course established for these review sessions. We also need a location. We'll see if the church is available, but may need an alternate if it is not. Any suggestions or help with a location would be appreciated. Medical providers, please go ahead and mark this date and time on your calendars. All team members are welcome, and medical providers are strongly encouraged to attend.

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Web News by Tom Russo
Please continue to watch as I redo all the team web database access programs. They're coming along bit by bit. All the old ones are still there so no functionality is lost as I do this.
The team website can be accessed at http://www.cibolasar.org/
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