Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 8, Issue 10
9 October 2003
Editors: David Dixon, Mike Dugger, Tom Russo

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Top of the Hill by Aaron Hall , President
By all acounts this year's Mock Search was a tremendous success. I want to say Thank You to everyone who worked hard to make it happen. I heard that there were lots of good training opportunities for incident base and for the searchers. I also heard that someone put together a really good plane crash and that someone did a great job moulaging the subjects. All of you know who you are and your hard work has continued the tradition of Cibola's annual mock search being one of the SAR training highlights in central New Mexico. Again, Thank You! Trainings like this are one of the things that make this team great.

Another thing that makes this team great is our training and evaluation program. I want to put out a gentle reminder that we still have three evaluations left in 2003. That means that everyone still has the chance to complete all three evaluations this year. So...if you still have an eval that needs to be completed please come out and complete it (we really do need you for those January and February missions). If you aren't sure of your evaluation status, please take the time to check the database on the Cibola website. It will give you up-to-the-minute information on your evaluation and training status.

Finally, please consider being an officer in 2004. We really do need you for more than just those winter missions. Enough said...

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Boots and Blisters by Steven Buckley, Training Officer
I want to thank everyone who made this year's Mock Search so outstanding. Thanks for the planning help and the great suggestion to use a mock plane crash as this year's MS theme. Thanks to Mike, Tom, Aidan, Adam and Greg (AMRC) for developing an outstanding medical training component including, medical scenarios, realistic simulated wounds, being volunteer subjects (or babysitting one), bringing the OMI, and providing a "headless child". The medical component was the most beneficial training element of the MS.

Thanks to Alex and Tony for their outstanding help in building our "aircraft". By the power vested in me by my MSAE, I hereby grant five awards:

To Tony Gaier: the rank of honorary junior aerospace engineer and the coveted Cardboard Control Panel Award.

To Alex Fischer: the rank of honorary junior aerospace engineer and the coveted Cardboard Propeller Award.

Thanks for that:

To Bob Baker, Tony Gaier, and David Chapek: the "Cibola Mule" award for carrying the albatross into the crash site and the rank of honorary A&P for putting it together in the field. Without your help on MS day, our simulation would have failed miserably. Thanks.

To our volunteer subjects: Thanks for helping, getting "bloody" and playing your roles well.

To the ICS staff and their helpers: You guys did a great job. You made some mistakes, learned from them, but, if the crash were real, would have done a great job for the victims.

To the Cibola folks who supported the MS, I hope you had fun and got something useful out of it.

I hope I didn't miss anyone. To all who contributed, thanks for all of the outstanding help this year!

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Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes by Joyce Rumschlag, Secretary
Minutes of the 11 September 2003 Business Meeting

Tony Gaier presented the pre-meeting mini lesson on gear.

President's Report

Aaron Hall called the meeting to order at 1925. He began with general introductions of all attending and reminded the membership that now was the time to think about being an officer.


Steve Buckley announced that those going on the summer bivy on September 20 need to meet at the Wells Fargo Bank in Tijeras at 1500. The bivy will be at David Canyon and will be combined with a star party. Family members are invited. Car pooling with 4 wheel drive vehicles is recommended.

Steve thanked Larry Mervine for filling in the "holes" in the remaining trainings for this year. He needs a F.C. for the Mock Search. Two teams have already responded to the invitation to participate. We will reserve a group campground for teams coming in from out of town. Steve will prepare a press release. He has already contacted AMRC about a high angle component in the Mock Search. Tom Russo and Mike Dugger will handle the medical aspects. We need green & white paint as well as the live subjects. Any volunteers?


Lili Ziesmann reported our financial status and reminded us about donations to the United Way campaign. She noted that Cibola SAR needs to be specified on the donor option card.


Tony Gaier reported that our ropes are in good shape and all are 2000-03 ropes. We have two litters and the red sled for winter operations and one wheel. He has two more litters at his house. Also available are two sets of snow shoes and two sets of poles that are available for check out during the winter months. He also has two radios and 4 GPS for checkout.


Mike Dugger reported that a WFR refresher will be held in Dulce on October 10-11.


David Dixon asked for help with upcoming P.R. events. Adam Hernandez, Bob Baker, and David did the Outdoor Preparedness talk at the Sunset Chat. David also did the hike the next day. UNM Day yielded 16 new contacts. That event was covered by David, Larry Mervine, Mike Dugger, Adam Hernandez, and Kevin Mohr.

Upcoming events include a presentation to the Mt. Club on October 15 and a Volunteer fair at UNM on the 21st.

Scott at Duke City Graphics charges $5 for the embroidery of our logo or a name on shirts or some caps.

The next P.R. Committee will be on September 24, 1830 at Frontier Restaurant. Everyone is always welcome.

New Business

Gear storage: The purchase of a storage container or trailer was discussed. All of the gear would be stored in the trailer and the trailer would be stored in a rental garage. Discussion included the cost of storage, where it would be located, insurance issues, ability to tow a trailer (back country roads as well as driving skills). David said he would look into some costs including insurance.

Land Nav. Eval: It has been proposed that the resection portion be eliminated. In it's place would be terrain identification (must get 3 out of 4 correct), plotting a UTM coordinate, getting a heading both mag and true within plus or minus 5 degrees, and plotting the points to within 200 meters on a map. The GPS portion would include the basic skills of powering up, putting in the correct datum, and retrieving UTM from the GPS. No decision was made. Discussion will continue.

Aaron Hall read three letters from the subjects of previous searches.

Meeting was adjourned at 2130.

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Public Relations by David Dixon
It's October which means it's time for CFC/United Way donations. This is where most of our money comes from and it helps for each of us, when possible, to do some promotion. One important thing to remember is that we are really all-volunteer. Different than some organizations, none of our operating expenses go to administrative costs. Don't forget that donors need to specify Cibola SAR on their cards. Our CFC number is 7014.

Lili, Adam and I did some of that promotion at two CFC events this last month, at the Veterans Hospital and Kirtland AFB. Hopefully we'll reap some fruits from our labor.

Upcoming P.R events include a talk to the Mt. Club on the evening of the 15th and a Volunteer Fair at UNM from 11-2 on the 21st. Anyone is welcome to help with these events. Come to the meeting or let me know otherwise.

Over the next months the P.R. Committee will be working on redoing our brochure. It needs some updating on medical and new photos. If you are interested in helping on that come to the next Committee meeting on the 29th, 6:30 p.m. Frontier Restaurant. Back to Top
Special Notes
Congratulations to Tom, KD5ZAE, on passing his Technician class Ham license exam at the Hamfest, and on receiving his new callsign. -- submitted by Tom Russo

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