Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 8, Issue 12
11 December 2003
Editors: David Dixon, Mike Dugger, and Tom Russo

Cibola Search and Rescue
"That Others May Live..."
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Top of the Hill by Aaron Hall , President
I've been an officer for two years now, and I know that there are a lot of people who have served as officers for many more years than that, but I want to share my thoughts on the experience.

First, I want to say thank you everyone who has taken the time to tap me on the shoulder and remind me of my responsibilites and to everyone who has helped me carry out those responsibilities. You are tremendous, thank you! I've thoroughly enjoyed being an officer and I would recommend it to anyone on the team. It has truly been a learning experience for me. I learned a lot of things about search and rescue and how Cibola functions, and all the things that I expected to learn being an officer.

I also learned some things that I didn't expect. One of the things that I didn't expect was to gain a new perspective on Cibola's bylaws. I know that the team bylaws may seem like a mundane thing compared to helicopter rescues, hypothermic subjects, and litter hauls down La Luz, but they really are remarkable. I've learned that those bylaws really do influence how this team functions. They define our training and evaluation standards, how people become members, how we run meetings, and how we manage our money. In doing so they also help define our team culture. The bylaws are a living document and our team lives by them. Recently we've made some significant changes to our bylaws. Modifying the land navigation evaluation standard is a good example. It took a lot of time, a lot of discussion, and a lot of thought by the team to make those changes, and that is a good thing. I recognize now more than ever that changing the bylaws is not something to be done lightly. When we change our bylaws we change how we function as a team, for better or worse. Small changes in our bylaws can directly affect how many of our members are field certified in a given year and that affects the subjects. Those same bylaws help insure that every responder that Cibola sends into the field is appropriately trained and that their skills are current. The teams bylaws are a powerful thing and, as a departing president, I encourage every member of this team to pay attention to those bylaws and to think carefully about how they impact the operation of our team.

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Boots and Blisters by Steven Buckley, Training Officer
As I close out the year as your VP/Training Officer, I want to thank all of you who helped run a training, helped with the Mock Search, and participated in the training program. Your help and support made it a great year. I also want to welcome Tony (I have no doubt that you will win this election!) as my successor and pledge my support for his training program next year. Thanks for letting me serve as your Membership Officer and Training Officer these last two years. It has been a great learning experience. I remain proud to be a member of this team. It is, IMO, the finest in New Mexico. I look forward to hitting the mountains with all of you this next year. "So others may live!" Steve

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Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes by Joyce Rumschlag, Secretary
Minutes of the 13 November 2003 Business Meeting

President's Report

Aaron Hall called the meeting to order with the introductions of those attending. Four new people were welcomed. He continued with the old business of:

Insurance for the gear trailer that Cibola would like to purchase. David Dixon reported that a vehicle would be easier to insure than a trailer and members towing it would be responsible. They would have to get with their insurance agent to have the trailer added to their policies.

Land Navigation Evaluation - Tony Gaier reported on the changes to the training and evaluation standards. Basically they added GPS requirements. Membership voted 10 to 0 to accept the standards. It was discussed that the standards regarding the GPS segment of the eval. would not be held against any not passing them until 2005.

Purchase of 15 pagers for team use. Mike Dugger presented the team with a bag of pagers that were tested at the meeting. Members wishing to use one will pay $22. for the refundable deposit. Members will be responsible for any repair/damage to the pager in their possession.

New Business: Aaron read a letter from REI that invited Cibola to submit a request for a conservation and recreational grant. Aaron had prepared a list of gear needed to outfit 5 hypothermia kits for use on subjects. Cibola would pay for non-REI items that appeared on the list. With the additional of an insulating middle layer membership voted 8 to 0 to submit the request.

Also under new business David Dixon referred to a recent article in the Journal pertaining to the Petersons who had recently retired from Search and Rescue. It was agreed to send them a letter of appreciation from the team.


Aaron Hall reminded members that the Land Nav/GPS training will be held on Sunday, November 16. Location will be announced on the hot line.


Lili Ziesmann reported on expenses and income. The largest expense was a purchase of ropes.


New people were asked to stay after the meeting to review the "Welcome" information.


Tony Gaier is looking for someone to replace him since he is running for the position of Vice-President/Training officer. He would like to purchase a second shield for the new litter.


Mike Dugger reported that he was trying to get hold of the coordinator for BLS and ILS.

There is a change in the EMS system for first responders. They will be licensed like EMTs are. They will certify services. Mike also reported that there would be a PACE exam on December 6.

P.R. Committee

David Dixon, along with Aaron Hall and Alex Fischer gave a talk at the New Mexico Mountain Club's last meeting. Cibola has not had a presentation there since 1999. Volunteer day at UNM was thin since tables were put in an out of the way location. David would like to re-do the Cibola brochure, adding a medical portion and new updated photos. Brochures were available to any wishing to help with the task. The next P.R. meeting is January 28.

New Business

Officer nominations were closed. Date for the Christmas party was announced. Friday 12-12-03 1830 to 2200. This is a family event, but we will have a brief meeting and election of officers.

Meeting was adjourned at 2113.

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Who's Who and New by David Chapek, Membership Officer
I started 2003 by setting some membership goals for member retention and new member recruitment. At the time the thought of gaining 10 new members this year sounded great. While the goal of 10 new members wasn't met I feel like we gained something better than numbers. In 2003 Cibola SAR gained three new full members all of whom have been very active with the team. I would like to thank Bob Baker, Kevin Mohr, and Tom Rinck for all their hard work and dedication to the team. I would also like to thank everyone who brought a friend to a meeting, hung up a poster in their office, or referred someone to the website. All the word of mouth advertising was great.

As it stands now CSAR will go into 2004 with 26 active members. Of these 26 active members it looks like 6 are going to start the year as NFC due to evaluation or training issues. Before the end of the year everyone on the team needs to go online and check their profiles to make sure all the training and evaluations are up to date. If you're training deficient for the six month period, you still have one more chance to get one in.

Thanks again to all who helped with membership this year.

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Public Relations by David Dixon
I established Public Relations goals this year of Recruitment/Promotion, and Community Service/Team Advancement. It was a good year for P. R. and we did a lot to fulfill those goals. We put on some nice talks to young and old, gave candy to hopeful contributors, posted brochures and posters and tried to talk UNM students into the field. Thanks to Lili, Adam, Bob, Alex and everyone else who helped in all those events. Your efforts were in some way rewarded by a new face, a new member, a donation, a more knowledgeable citizen or even a hiker that didn't get lost.

But the work of P.R. for Cibola is never done and if anyone is interested in Chairing the P.R. Committee in 2004 Larry would love to hear from you. I have done this for many of my years with this great organization and don't mind passing it on to someone else. I will always be there to help though, the kids are too much fun.

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Special Notes
Congratulations to David, KD5ZPR, Mark, KD5ZAD, and Kevin, KD5ZPO on passing their Technician class Ham license exams! -- submitted by Tom Russo

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