Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 8, Issue 8
14 August 2003
Editors: David Dixon, Mike Dugger, and Tom Russo

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Top of the Hill by Aaron Hall , President
This month I'm going to use my soapbox to talk about being an officer. It may seem like it's a little too early to start thinking about being an officer in 2004, but it's not. In four months we will have to decide as a team who will lead Cibola for the next year. As anyone who has been an officer knows, the officers do a lot of behind the scenes work for the team and what they do has a strong impact on how our team functions. It's important that we choose good officers. So, you ask, what does it take to be a good Cibola officer? I think the number one requirement is a commitment to Search and Rescue. Being an officer isn't rocket science and it isn't an incredibly huge amount of work. It can, however, take a considerable amount of time and keeping up with the schedule of officers meetings, newsletter articles, business meetings, trainings, evaluations, P.R. meetings, bills, records, and missions can be difficult. If you think that you would like to be an officer please talk to the current officers. Ask them what they do as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, or Membership Officer. If you know someone on the team that you think would be a good officer please encourage him or her to consider being an officer. Sometimes a little encouragement is all it takes to convince someone to take on the job. One of the most important things that we can do this year is convince good people to lead Cibola next year.

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Boots and Blisters by Steven Buckley, Training Officer
I want to apologize for the fact that I have missed so many meetings. My work schedule doubled with two new missions and one with some problems requiring extra effort. I also travel much more than I would like. Unfortunately, I will miss this month's meeting too. I want to thank those folks stepping up and helping me to keep the training program going. I really needed the help. I will need even more help with the training program the next few months. Please let me know if you can run a training event.

My training focus for the next two months will be the Mock Search. We had some trouble getting a date that seemed to meet everyone's needs. So far, 4 Oct 2003 seems to be suitable for the most participants. I hope that is a suitable date for this team. This year's topic will be a plane crash with associated medical and recovery tasks as well as a surprise or two (did you expect anything else?). I know this year's event will be a great time. Now for the call for volunteers. I already have a committee willing to work the planning. I hope to have met with them face-to-face before this month's meeting. We will need help putting the "props" together. For example, we have a plane to construct. Please save any large pieces of cardboard and be ready to meet to turn them into an aircraft. Tape and paint is all we will need to make a suitable aircraft mock-up. We also need a suitable site with a South 14 site topping my list. I am still in need of ICS staff. Please let me know if you can support in those roles. Finally, we need you all to get the word out to maximize participation.

Again, thanks for the training assist in these difficult times. I appreciate the support.

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Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes by Joyce Rumschlag, Secretary
Minutes of the 10 July 2003 Business Meeting

Pre-meeting mini lesson was presented by Larry Mervine on Mission Safety.

President's Report

Joyce Rumschlag reported for Aaron Hall. The Bonze boot was presented to Mark Espelien and Kevin Mohr for attending two missions in one 24 hr period and Aidan Thompson for being Pager 1 for the two missions running simultaneously. Our pager problem was brought up again and Mike Dugger agreed to look into it with Contact Paging. Lili Ziesmann also volunteered to look into other pager companies. Tony Gaier would try to have something for the team next meeting in regard to the Land Nav. Committee.


Joyce Rumschlag reported for Steve Buckley. Steve needs help with planning the Mock Search in September. He has put together a climb to Cabezon Peak on July 19, please call and let him know if you are interested. The team voted 11-0 to give prospective members an orange shirt. The administration fee will be raised to $20.


Joyce Rumschlag reported for David Chapek. Bob Baker is now a full member.


Lili Ziesmann reported a profit this month after a month of being in the red. Comparisons with prior years show that income is usually slow at the start of the year, plus we purchased new equipment early. United Way campaigns will start in September, and Lili encouraged members to be sure to ask for donor option cards to designate their donations to Cibola.


Tony Gaier reported that everything with the equipment is going well and to see him after the meeting if you need anything.


Mike is still trying to set up a Wilderness First Responder recertification class with either Carl Gilmore or Don Mason, but doubted he could set up a full WFR course anytime soon. He recommended that members who want the full course take the course being held in El Rito.

P.R. Committee

David Dixon reminded us about upcoming PR events and the need for volunteers for all of them: 25th Anniversary of Sandia Wilderness celebration on July 26, Open Space Sunset Chat and Hike August 23-24 and UNM Day on the 29th. The Committee is still looking into shirts and logo embroidery. The next PR meeting will be on Sept. 24.

New Business

Paul McClendon (NMESC) will be here next month for our pre-meeting mini lesson. It will start at 1845 so please be here (and on time).

Meeting was adjourned at 2030.

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Who's Who and New by David Chapek, Membership Officer
Congratulations to Cibola's newest active member, Bob Baker. Bob worked hard through his orientation and completed all his requirements quickly. In addition to evaluations and trainings, Bob has been very active with the PR committee. Congratulations Bob!

Thanks to all those who helped with Sandia Days a few weeks back. The PR committee made 13 contacts for potential future members in addition to teaching people about preventative SAR.

I'm in the market for a few new mentors. I have at least one person ready to go through orientation and hopefully will have a few more by the end of the month. If you're interested please let me know.

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Gearing Up by Tony Gaier, Equipment Committee chair, Equipment Committee chair
Things are going good with equipment & supplies! If you see any problems with the equipment when you sign it out or use it, please let me know a.s.a.p. After a mission or training please make sure everything gets back into the bags. If something is inadvertently lost, please let me know about it so I can replace it. Please see me if you need any supplies for your pack. We are well stocked with the usual items: MREs, batteries, trail tape, etc. Team members with Mission Supply Boxes please let me know if you need items to restock your boxes. Just as a reminder, all the supplies handed out are for missions not for your afternoon hike with the boy scouts. The combination to the Fire Department door has changed (where our equipment is stored). If you are pager two or need to know the combination to the door please call me or one of the officers to obtain the combination.

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Public Relations by David Dixon
Thanks to those that volunteered their time to work the Sandia Wilderness 25th Anniversary event last month. Sounds like it was a fun time with quite a few people getting out and learning more about the outdoors and SAR. We showed off our litter and some members brought their packs for display. I know we got a nice list of interesteds for David to follow up on.

Upcoming PR events this month include the Open Space Sunset Chat on "Outdoor Preparedness" on Saturday, the 23rd and Hike the next day. The "Chat" has become an annual for us with usually a large, interested crowd. On Friday the 29th we'll set up and do UNM Welcome Back Day primarily as another recruiting event. There are a few of us doing Open Space duties but if you're interested in some public speaking we could use a few more. And we can always use more for UNM Day. Let me know asap.

Speaking of members who work PR events, they are truly hearty Cibola volunteers. It's not a mission, you don't get credit for it, you don't pass it and you don't show up in a database. Now that's dedication. Not that there aren't other jobs in this organization that fit that. I guess all of us deserve a big way to go!

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