Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 9, Issue 11
11 November 2004
Editors: David Dixon, Mike Dugger, and Tom Russo

Cibola Search and Rescue
"That Others May Live..."
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Top of the Hill by Larry Mervine , President
The sun is warm, but walk into the shadow of a building or a tree and the brisk air touches your face. Ah, winter must be here which means your packs should have your winter clothing in them. Another year is about to end. It is a good time to reflect on the past year's activities, the trainings, business meetings and evaluations. None of these activities could have happened without you. I especially want to thank my fellow officers, who have made this an easy year to be the president. Thank you Lili, Bob, Aidan, and Tony.

We are one the best search and rescue teams in the state, but we need to keep our commitment, knowledge, and team membership at effective levels. This means we always have some work to do. In December we select new officers. I hope many of you volunteer to run for an officer position. Yes, being an officer does require additional commitment of time and energy, however if we are to continue as an effective team we need team members to step into leadership rolls.

See you out there.

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Boots and Blisters by Tony Gaier, Training Officer

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the search training in October. Thanks to Steve Buckley for putting together the Fall Bivy the weekend of November 6th.

There are two training opportunities between the November and December business meetings. November 13th, at 9:00AM there will be a Land Navigation Training at Embudo Trailhead. November 27th, at 6:00PM there will be a Night Training at Cedro Trailhead Dispersed Area Parking.

Just as a reminder, currently there are only 3 team trainings remaining for the year. 15 out of 25 team members still need 1 or more trainings before the end of the year.

If you have any questions concerning training events please call me at home or on my cellular phone.

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Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes by Aidan Thompson, Secretary
</B> Minutes of 14 October 2004 Meeting</b>

Minutes of 14 October 2004 Meeting

There was a pre-meeting training on extreme weather in New Mexico. The meeting started at 19:45.

Training Officer's Report

19 out of 25 members require one or more trainings by end of year. Currently there are only three more scheduled trainings. More may be added to help. There are detailed directions for most training locations on the website.

Escape 2005 will be the 13-15 May 2005 at Glorieta Conference center.

Secretary's Report

Nothing to report.

Membership Officer's Report

Bryan has become a full member, now that he has turned 18. He has already attended his first mission.

Gear Committee Report

The chair was absent.

Medical Committee Report

The chair was absent.

President's Report

Officer Nominations: Lili is standing down as treasurer. That leaves the offices of president, training officer and treasurer open for nominations.

Christmas party: For the past two years we've had it at St. Chad's. We will likely do the same this year.

Old SAR Lore

Don't go out by yourself. The president used to be a wool person. Now he is a down person. It is extremely light compared to wool of the same insulation level.

Old Issues


New Issues

Meeting adjourned to Taco Cabana at 20:20.

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Pinching Pennies by Lili Ziesmann, Treasurer
Below is the cumulative percentage of the annual budget spent so far so that each committee can see how they are doing:

% Of Annual Budget Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Nov
Other Inc0%15%15%15%19%19%19%26%26%26%
Gas Vouchers0%31%31%31%31%31%31%31%31%31%
Training Exp0%0%0%0%70%81%82%82%82%32%
Medical Exp0%0%0%0%37%50%50%50%50%50%
Equip Exp0%1%1%1%9%10%13%193%193%193%
Membership Exp0%0%0%0%48%48%83%57%66%66%
PR Exp0%5%18%18%31%31%31%31%31%31%
Total Exp1%12%15%16%40%45%47%90%97%97%

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Disclaimer and Copyright notice the Editors
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