Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 9, Issue 2
12 February 2004
Editors: David Dixon, Mike Dugger, and Tom Russo

Cibola Search and Rescue
"That Others May Live..."
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Top of the Hill by Larry Mervine , President
Welcome, February. We hope that when the call comes for a mission we are ready. Cibola Search and Rescue has training standards for litter packaging and handling, land navigation and search techniques, but is that enough to be good searchers? One component that we need to remember is our own good health and physical fitness. Every time we put that pack on our backs and head up the trail, can we physically handle the load? That's a question we need to ask ourselves at every mission we attend. The team does not have a physical fitness standard. Instead we hope that everyone on the team knows their own capabilities when accepting an assignment. Surfing the internet I came across the Maine Association for Search and Rescue. They do have an Aerobic Fitness Evaluation. They have three tests that can be used for evaluating member's aerobic fitness. A five minute step test, 1 1/2 mile run and 1 mile speed walk. Everyone on the team should be swimming, jogging, biking, hiking or walking to keep physically fit. But just for the fun of it, here is their recommended time for the 1 1/2 mile run.

Age 20-29: Women 14:55, Men 12:18
Age 30-39: Women 15:26, Men 12:51
Age 40-49: Women 16:27, Men 13:53
Age 50-59: Women 17:24, Men 15:55

How does your time compare to theirs? Something to consider while waiting for the telephone to ring and you are called to a mission: will you be physically ready? I also heard that exercising is good for relieving stress.

See you out there.

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Boots and Blisters by Tony Gaier, Training Officer

Well it is already February and winter will be over before you know it. Last month we had our first training of the year and had a great turnout. I'm still looking for volunteers to run trainings this year. The full training schedule is entered into the calendar on the website. If you see one that you would like to instruct, please email or call me.

We have three training opportunities this month. February 12th, at 9:00 am there will be a Land Navigation Training at Embudito Canyon Trailhead. February 28th & 29th will be our Annual Winter Bivy at Ellis Trailhead. NMESC is sponsoring an Advance Winter Skills Training in Santa Fe on February 20th, 21st, and 22nd.

March will have two opportunities for trainings. On March 6th & 7th, Joyce Rumschlag will be holding a Rescue Sled and Snowshoe Training near Chama. A Litter Handling Training will also be conducted on March 13th.

Please keep up with your trainings. Remember, you need to get two trainings in the January to June period and two more trainings in the July to December period. If you have any questions please call or email me.

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Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes by Aidan Thompson, Secretary
Minutes for 8 January 2004 Business Meeting

President's Report

The meeting kicked off at 19:15 with the coronation of the King of SAR, the 2004 President, Larry Mervine. The president elect walked slowly to the front of the room on a long sheet of red paper. The air was filled with the regal strains of "Pomp and Circumstance", and tiny pieces of hot pink trail tape. After the plastic crown was placed on Larry's head, the loyal members bowed down before their ruler and proclaimed "Hail to the King of SAR." Larry then called the first meeting of 2004 to order at 19:16. The new officers were introduced (see Newsletter). Then the 10 new people introduced themselves. Most seemed to have found Cibola through our web-site.

Training Officer's Report

The training officer, Tony Gaier, solicited the help of all members for running trainings throughout the coming year. He has drawn up a schedule of training events for the year and would like members to volunteer to run one or more of these. Members who receive e-mails from the team list-server as well as others who request it will receive am e-mail before each training event, with links to the event on the web-site calendar as well as relevant training materials on the web-site or elsewhere. Tony also plans to update the hotline with information on upcoming events weekly, as well as after every mission. Upcoming events include a search techniques training on Jan 10, search techniques evaluation on Jan 17 and a premeeting training by Don Gibson on Feb 12.

Secretary's Report

The secretary from the December meeting was absent, so the incoming secretary directed members to the Newsletter for details of the December meeting.

Treasurer's Report

Lili went over financial reports for December and 2003. She invited everyone to the Financial Committee meeting which will follow the P.R. Committee meeting on the 28th.

Membership Officer's Report

Incoming membership officer, Bob Baker, has printed up some very impressive looking business cards for himself. He encouraged other members to take some for distribution to potential new members. He emphasized that recruitment is not just the job of the Membership Officer, but the responsiblity of all members. He plans on increasing Cibola's visibility on Kirtland Air Force Base, particularly amongst military personnel newly arrived on base.

Equipment Committee Report

Mark Espelien has volunteered to take over the position of Equipment Committee Chair from Tony Gaier.

Public Relations Committee Report

Public Relations Committee Chair David Dixon is looking for someone to relieve him. He thinks Alex Fischer would be great. He is working on a revised pamphlet to hand out to potential members. There will be a PR meeting on January 28.

Medical Committee Report

Mike Dugger is interested in enlisting a new or existing EMT team member to hold training sessions. If this was done right, all the participants could obtain CE credits recognzed by the State Department of Health.

Newsletter Report

Alex Fischer wrote an article on cold weather dehydration.

Webmaster Report

The webmaster was unable to attend. Tom was commended, not only for his efforts as webmaster, but also for recently becoming a Field Coordinator.

Old Issues

Outgoing president Aaron Hall made a special award to outgoing Training Officer Steve Buckley for his outstanding service to the team over the last several years. Last year, not only did he run 14 trainings, but he was also one of the top mission goers.

Equipment Trailer: David Dixon has concluded that it is impossible for the team to obtain insurance coverage for a trailer towed by any member of the team. Trailer insurance needs to be obtained as part of the policy for the towing vehicle.

Equipment Storage: We definitely have a need for more storage space. The locker at Bernalillo Firestation 10 (Zamora Road) is packed to capacity and the equipment stacked on top of the locker is a safety hazard. The station chief has also suggested we move our stuff to Station 6 (Frost Road). Options include:

Mike Dugger emphasized that the Zamora Road location was chosen strategically, and so we should not lightly move to a different location. Steve Buckley has volunteered to research the options some more.

President moved that we make a one-time donation to St. Chad's. The motion was seconded by Tony Gaier. The vote was 14 for and 0 against. Lili Ziesmann will write them a letter to go with the donation.

The president mentioned several old habits that he thought were worth remembering as useful guidelines when attending missions. The first person to arrive at incident base should mark the turn-off points with trail tape. They could also report the GPS coordinates of turn-off points to the pager handler. A Cibola member at incidence base should note all the Cibola members participating and pass this information back to the pager handler. Somebody at incidence base should also contact the pager handler as soon as the mission is called off. The pager handler still needs to obtain official confirmation that the mission has ended.

Evaluation policy: The president will check the hotline on the Friday before evaluations to see if enough people have declared that they will attend. If the minumum number of participants have not declared, the evaluation will be cancelled. The minimum numbers are: land nav 3, search techniques 3, litter handling 6.

Mike Dugger reported that the recent problems with pager service in the East Mountain were caused by Contact decommissioning their 152 MHz transmitter on Cedro Peak. After admitting this to Mike, he was able to get them to provide us with several clones which receive on 900 MHz and he is looking for East Mountain members to test these.

New Issues

Tom Russo requested that the topic of training requirements be put up for discussion. His main concern is that the existing 18-month old policy is difficult to administrate and is hard for members to understand. As a result, in Tom's opinion, one member almost had to leave the team. After much discussion, many members seemed to be saying the same thing. "The existing system is not unreasonable, but it needs to be explained more clearly to the members".

As a side-product of this discussion, two more topics emerged. What should we do about members who need to take a break from participation in the team for some period and what to do about former members or new members who want to join the team but are already considered "competent to go in the field" The former case could be handled by a leave of absence granted in writing by the officers, but it should have a maximum duration of maybe 6 months or a year. It was proposed that an ad-hoc committee be formed to consider these ideas further. Members who wished to be on the committee were Aaron Hall, Tony Gaier, Mike Dugger, Bob Baker and Aidan Thomspon.

Meeting was adjourned at 21:00.

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Who's Who and New by Bob Baker, Membership Officer
We're off to a great start for the year! The first meeting alone, we had ten people visit to check us out. I was encouraged to see our many fantastic team members welcome the new people and talk with them for a while. It is exactly this friendly, out-going spirit that will attract people to our team. As I mentioned in the meeting last month, we're all Membership Officers, I'm just the one holding the forms and paperwork. I'd like to challenge each member to bring one new person to check out the team this year. (Tony's already met his quota for the next two years!) Talk with friends at work or in your daily contacts, keep some of the team literature in your workspace -- you'd be surprized at the interest the community has when you start discussing SAR.

Right now we're on the verge of having four people become prospective members. Alan Palmer, Gabriel Palley, Liz and Tommy Birkhart will soon be in need of mentors. Mentors are critical to the success of our program. These people are the "built-in" friend for prospective members -- the one watching out for the "newbie." Mentors need to be willing to give an occasional call to the prospective, see if there are any questions, inform them of upcoming events (especially when the schedule suddenly changes), and to be there when there are questions. If you want to step up to the challenge of being a mentor please let me know.

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Gearing Up by Mark Espelien, Equipment Committee chair
First of all, I think I speak for everyone on the team in thanking Tony Gaier for handling the team's gear for the last few years. Thanks Tony!

I just want to remind members that we have 4 GPSs (standard Garmin eTrex) available for checkout now, and I should have a team radio available shortly. These may be checked out for a 6 month period. I also have several "group only" pagers still available for a modest fee with free air time. This equipment doesn't do any good in the gear box! Contact me if you are interested.

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Mini Lesson by Alex Fischer
Frostbite and Wind Chill

While searching outdoors in the middle of the night on exposed trails searchers are commonly exposed to and become susceptible to both of these conditions. Here is a definition of each.

Frostbite: Frostbite occurs when your body tissue, usually the skin or underlying tissue, freezes. "The most susceptible parts of the body are fingers, toes, ear lobes, or the tip of the nose." Though any part of the body can become frostbitten, the extremities are the most at risk. "Symptoms include a loss of feeling in the extremity and a white or pale appearance." If you think you may have frostbite you should seek medical attention immediately. The area should be re-warmed SLOWLY, to prevent further tissue damage.

Wind Chill: Wind Chill is the temperature at which exposed skin FEELS when in contact with a mixture of cold and wind. How it works is that there is an invisible layer of "still" air on the surface of the skin that insulates us, the harder the wind blows the smaller the layer of air, and the less insulation. What this equates to is quicker heat loss. At a windchill of -19 degrees frostbite can occur in as little as 15 minutes.

Remember that wet skin cools faster, so try to avoid vigorous activities in extreme cold and windy weather.


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Coming Attractions by Joyce Rumschlag
Next month there will be a great opportunity for some winter training in beautiful northern New Mexico. We'll leave from Albuquerque at 0700 or 0800 on Saturday March 6 and drive to Chama. After a stop for lunch in Chama it's a short drive up to the Cumbres Pass area for a Snow Litter training. Later we'll do a moonlight snowshoe at Sargents Wildlife Area (north end of Chama) that evening. There will be a full moon.

Information on lodging can be obtained from Chama Valley Chamber of Commerce website or at 1-800-477-0149. There are no other major events in the area that weekend so lodging will not be a problem. Families are invited. There is also a Nordic skiing area for additional recreation on Sunday.

I will provide more information for the hotline closer to the event time. Any questions? Call me at my home number.

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Public Relations by David Dixon
Adam Hernandez has taken over as P.R. Committee Chair. He has been active in P.R. for the last few years and will do a great job in continuing our goals. I have assured him that I will continue to promote, recruit, solicit and help with everything else the committee does. Thanks Adam!

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me with P.R. duties over the years. They have all appreciated the other fun and fulfilling side of Cibola. I hope you will all continue to support Adam.

We had a great turnout for our meeting in January leading to some lively discussion about ongoing P.R. items. It was followed by the yearly Budget Committee meeting. And since I know that was not the reason we had so many new faces I expect to see everyone back to our next meeting. I should say Adam is expecting everyone back. That meeting is scheduled for March 31, 18:30, Frontier Restaurant.

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Web News by Tom Russo
There is no "news" of the web site to speak of, but there are, from time to time, new links on the "Other Interesting Web Sites" page. There are a lot of good SAR-related web sites out there, and I try to put something about them on this page -- especially if they link to our site, which makes them that much more interesting.

I see that Tony has made great use of our web based calendar, and many of you have been taking advantage of that.

One thing I ask you to be careful about, though: because our newsletter and calendar are published on the worldwide web, they can be viewed by anyone in the world. Please do not put non-public telephone numbers into newsletter articles or calendar entries (not yours, not someone else's, not the team hotline's, not the pager number, nothing). The same should probably go for email addresses --- our web site is routinely harvested by spambots, and those of you with the misfortune of being on the receiving end of the mail to the team's public email address will know how awful it is to get into a spammer's database.
The team website can be accessed at http://www.cibolasar.org/
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