Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 9, Issue 3
11 March 2004
Editors: David Dixon, Mike Dugger, and Tom Russo

Cibola Search and Rescue
"That Others May Live..."
Top of the Hill Boots and Blisters Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes
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Top of the Hill by Larry Mervine , President
The last two months we have discussed the team's training and evaluation policy. I do not want to belabor the point and continue to discuss the topic any longer, but I do want to mention why we are a part of Cibola Search and Rescue. We all have reasons for volunteering our services. The state motto is "we do these things so that others may live". The team's mission is to reduce human suffering and to preserve human life by assisting the New Mexico State Police in locating and rescuing lost persons. As members of this team, we strive to maintain the skills required for the majority of search and rescue missions conducted throughout New Mexico and to perform our duties with competence, professionalism, and respect for the lost subjects and their families. My hope is that each member takes to heart the team's mission statement and the state's motto. Then commit to meeting the requirements not because the team says so, but to provide competent, professional service to the subject. And it will not hurt to have a few more hands on the litter, this old guy could use the help.

See you out there.

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Boots and Blisters by Tony Gaier, Training Officer

Many of you have already completed the minimum required training for this six month period, but there are a few people that have not. Please don't go training deficient. Take a few minutes to review whether or not you need additional training requirements. There are lots of opportunities remaining between now and June 30th.

We have two training opportunities between now and our next business meeting. March 13th, at 9:00AM there will be a Litter Handling Training at Piedra Lisa Canyon Trailhead. April 4th, at 9:00AM there will be a Search Techniques Training.

Please keep up with your trainings. Remember, you need to get two trainings in the January to June period and two more trainings in the July to December period. If you have any questions please call or email me.

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Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes by Aidan Thompson, Secretary
Minutes of 12 Feb 2004 Meeting

President's Report

The meeting kicked off at 19:09. The president immediately turned the meeting over to the officers. Later he provided his own report. Under the rubrik of Old SAR Lore, he warned all active members to keep their toe nails trimmed to avoid painful cuts. He also urged all members to maintain adequate fitness by engaging in aerobic activities for 30 to 40 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week.

Training Officer's Report

There will be a Land Nav Training on Sunday, 2/15/2004. The training schedule is now accessible either from the Event Calendar or the Training Schedule pages of the team web-site. The latter is accessible by the general public (http://www.cibolasar.org/tsched.shtml). There will be an Advanced Winter Skills Training given by NMESC soon. You need to register by Monday, 2/16/2004. One training credit, if you attend at least one day. Get a signed letter from an instructor.

The team Winter bivy will be on 28 and 29 of Feb. 1 training credit for day-time. 1 training credit for overnight. The location is Ellis Trailhead (near Sandia peak). Joyce Rumschlag will run a Rescue Sled and snowshoe training in Chama, on 3/6/2004.

Tony requested volunteers to help out with training, or feel free to help out somebody else who has volunteeered.

Also, Mike Dugger would like someone to help out with his land nav evaluation on 2/28/2004.

Tony requested feedback on the training program. Aaron said that Tony is doing a great job updating the hotline and sending out notifications by e-mail. He really likes getting those.

Membership Officer's Report

Ten new people came to last months meeting. Several returned to this month's meeting. Bob is requesting members to volunteer as mentors.

Bob also presented a proposed modification to the member guide. Current training requirements are good, but they need to be made clearer. The proposed wording emphasizes that the requirements are 4 trainings per year. A vote was taken on revised wording for the Training Policy and Standards document and a revision of the Member Guide section entitled "Member Participation Guidelines" proposed by Tom Russo. The revisions passed 15 to 0. A second vote was taken on an addition to the Member Guide entitled "Returning to membership after leaving the team". This addition also passed 15 to 0.

Equipment Committee Report

Mark Espelien has assumed the chair of the Equipment Committee. There are two sets of snowshoes and trekking poles to be used on missions and trainings only. There are two additional sets available for general checkout.

Public Relations Committee Report

David Dixon has handed off the chairmanship to Adam Hernandez. H will continue to work on Cibola's recruitment brochure adding color photos and medical comments. Voluteers to help always appreciated. Cibola has been given a booth at the Albuquerque Outdoor Show at the State Fairground, 2/14/2004. 5 members volunteered to work it. Next PR meeting on March 31.

Medical Committee Report

Near Santa Fe, on 2/29/2004 there will be a Patient Assessment training. This will consist of 2 hours in the classroom followed by 4 hours of hands of field practice. This training will earn 6 hours of BLSE training credits. No prior medical knowledge necessary.

From April 24 to May 2, there will be a class for EMTs to upgrade to Wilderness EMT certification.

Mike Dugger also reported on plans for switching all pagers from 152 MHz to 900 MHz service.

Old Issues

Steve Buckley reported on gear storage.

New Issues

Alex Fischer proposed getting us permission to park on Intel's lot, which might be useful for car-pooling to missions west of Albuquerque.

Tony Gaier proposed that everyone send our GPS coordinates to Tom Russo, so he can generate a map of our locations.

Lili Ziesmann proposed purchasing clipboards for pager #1 and pager #2. David D took one to use this month as Pager 1.

The meeting ended at 20:45.

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