Lost and Found... the newsletter of Volume 9, Issue 5
13 May 2004
Editors: David Dixon, Mike Dugger, and Tom Russo

Cibola Search and Rescue
"That Others May Live..."
Top of the Hill Boots and Blisters Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes
Pinching Pennies Who's Who and New Medical News
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Top of the Hill by Larry Mervine , President
May. Summer must be here. The heavier clothes come out of the pack and the lighter clothes goes in. My pack has a five pound variation between winter and summer. A few pounds off the waist would not hurt. Remember to do your physical fitness training.

Have you looked at our call out list lately? Too few folks to call. Of course quality is more important than quantity, but a few more bodies would not hurt. What could the problem be? Not enough fun? Not enough time, or too many other commitments? Whatever the delay in recruiting new members, we can work on having more fun. Some ideas to kick around: eating together after meetings, trainings and missions. Host a "chew the fat" session. A "chew the fat" session is to select a SAR topic, meet at some location, and chat. For example: play with a new GPS unit, what goes in my first aid kit, HAM radio stuff, or just to gather to talk about missions. Another idea is to arrange a hike of the month. Lets not forget to help recruitment by inviting a friend, help with PR stuff, and talking to new people at the meetings and trainings.

See you out there.

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Boots and Blisters by Tony Gaier, Training Officer

There are only three scheduled training events left in the first six month period. As you know already you need to attend at least two training events this period or you will go training deficient. Please check your attendance record to make sure you get what you need.

We have two training opportunities between now and the next business meeting. May 15th, at 9:00AM there will be a Land Navigation Training at Embudo Trailhead and the Summer Bivy will be June 5th & 6th.

We had eight people attend ESCAPE this year! Thanks to everyone who attended this great event and showed Cibola's support for New Mexico SAR. Classes this year ranged from Medical to Cave Rescue.

If you have any questions concerning training events please call me at home or on my cellular phone.

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Business as Usual:Meeting Minutes by Aidan Thompson, Secretary
Minutes of 8 April 2004 Meeting

The meeting kicked off at 19:20.

Training Officer's Report

Upcoming events include night navigation training on April 24 at Bear Canyon trailhead. We are approaching the end of the first half of the year, so Tony will be sending out reminders to those who are training deficient. Escape 2004 will be on the weekend of April 30, in Ruidoso. Early registration ends on April 15. If you plan on going and want to car pool, leave a message on the hotline. A motion was made proposing that the team reimburse Escape 2004 attendees up to $75/person, with a cap of $1000. It passed 15-0.

Secretary's Report

Please turn in any mission reports and please remember to sign in at meetings.

Treasurer's Report

Lili went over income and expenses for January and February and noted that we had a small net income last month. Current balance was also given.

Gear Committee Report

One of the four team radios has been given back to Mark and is available for sign out by team members.

Public Relations Committee Report

Adam confirmed that on May 29 the team will do the Open Space Sunset Chat at Elena Gallegos and host the Hike the next morning. REI has offered us a booth at one of their store events, date to be decided. Alex has been scoping out some deals on gear from Patagonia, as well as GPS's from NASAR. The committee will also be doing an article on Cibola in a summer issue of New Mexico Wild newspaper.

Medical Committee Report

There will be a WFR recertification course given by Carl Gilmore on May 8 and 9. A motion was made proposing that the team reimburse 50% of the course fee (to be determined) for those taking the course who are WFR or EMT certified. It passed 13-0.

President's Report (Larry's Old SAR Lore)

The meeting ended at 20:35.

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Pinching Pennies by Lili Ziesmann, Treasurer
I hope all of you that went to ESCAPE this year had a terrific time. Don't forget to turn in your reciepts for reimbursement. You can mail them to CSAR, PO Box 11756, Albuquerque NM 87192 or give them to an officer at the business meeting. Unfortunately, I won't be at the May meeting, but Aidan Thompson will be collecting recipts for me in May, and I will be accepting reciepts until the June Business meeting.

Below is the cumulative percentage of annual budget spent so far so that each committee can see how they are doing: By now, at the end of the first quarter, our budget for the year should be at about 33% spent. Although we are a little behind in Donations at 23% (State employee campaigns usually come in all at once in the summer), we are way under in overall expenses at 16%, which means we are well within budget. The large percentage in Administrative expenses is due to the donation we gave the church this year.

% Of Annual Budget Jan Feb Mar Apr
Other Inc0%15%15%15%
Gas Vouchers0%15%15%15%
Training Exp0%0%0%0%
Medical Exp0%0%0%0%
Equip Exp0%1%1%1%
Membership Exp0%0%0%0%
PR Exp0%5%18%18%
Total Expenses1%12%15%16%

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Who's Who and New by Bob Baker, Membership Officer
Congratulations to our newest Prospective Members, Rhiannon Mercer and Sam Williamson. Please take some time before or after the meeting to get to know them better. Rhiannon is a graduate student at UNM and is also teaching as well. Sam is a small business owner in the local area. Thank-you also to Aaron Hall and Mark Espelien for serving as mentors to Rhiannon and Sam.

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Medical News by Mike Dugger
By the time you read this, four of our team members (David Chapek, David Dixon, Mike Dugger and Tom Russo) will have completed a recertification course for Wilderness First Responder. Recertification is required every two years to remain certified by New Mexico Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to provide care to the public as part of an organized team. NM SAR policy states that medical providers must be under the authority of EMS.

We now have five medical providers on the team, with the highest level of care at EMT Intermediate. As our general level of medical care increases, by getting more folks certified as providers and more folks at higher levels of skill, we will be working with our Medical Director to modify our protocols to allow more patient treatment options.

In addition to refreshing our skills on medical care, we got some good ideas for gear that can help us with all subjects, not just those requiring medical care. For instance, there are some new lightweight inflatable back supports we will be exploring, and Carl Gilmore (one of our instructors) had some ideas on rapid strapping systems for our Stokes litter.

Some other exciting developments may be coming in the near future. Our old friend Cy Stockhoff (co-instructor at this recert) expressed an interest in developing a SAR curriculum at TVI, where he is now setting up the medical program. We will meet in the next couple of months to discuss details and how to get started. If this goes forward, it could provide a consistent schedule of opportunities for medical as well as other training for SAR. Some of our members as well as colleagues from other SAR teams would be potential instructors of these courses. Stay tuned.

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