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Cibola SAR training events for future events

Date/time Event Location
Sat, December 03, 2022, 13:00 *Tracking Training Strip Mine Trailhead (35.300176, -106.480573)
Sun, December 11, 2022, 09:00 *Litter Handling (CORE FTM) TBD
Sat, December 17, 2022, 09:00 Litter Handling Evaluation Vista Sandia Equestrian Center
Sat, December 17, 2022, 09:00 Land Navigation Evaluation Vista Sandia Equestrian Center

Only those trainings marked with an asterisk (*) will count towards the requirement that each member participate in two trainings every six months.

For More Information

Members may find that more details on these trainings are available on the members-only "event calendar," a link to which should be at the bottom of this page. Members should also call the team hotline to check on last-minute changes and information.

While they cannot get information through the members-only database, non-members are welcome at our trainings provided they come properly prepared and are willing to sign the same liability waiver that our members sign. For more detailed information please contact our training officer.

For liability reasons, non-SAR animals (e.g. pets) are not permitted at team events unless expressly authorized by the training officer.

Cibola SAR Member requirements

Only those trainings marked with an asterisk (*) will count towards the requirement that each member participate in two trainings every six months.

In every case, members arriving to a training more than 15 minutes after the announced start time will not receive credit. Furthermore, in cases where a training is divided between field and classroom components, credit will not be given unless both components are attended. So if you absolutely need a particular training to satisfy minimum participation requirements, you are advised to get there on time and stay for the whole thing.

Unless otherwise stated, members should arrive at a training prepared as they would be for a search, with full SAR pack, at least two quarts of water, and appropriate clothing.

Pre-meeting Trainlets

There may be presentations prior to business meetings. These will be on miscellaneous SAR related skills which do not warrant full-day or half-day weekend trainings. They will not count towards the 2-trainings/6-months requirement, but all are encouraged to attend. Some of these are listed in the calendar above with no asterisk.

Member Skills Evaluations

Members wishing to participate in evaluation sessions should contact the training officer at least a week beforehand. Evaluation sessions will be cancelled if there are not enough members signed up to take them on that date.

For more information

Questions regarding scheduled trainings, requests for specific subjects to be taught, and comments on trainings that have already been given should be directed to the training officer.

In all cases where a training has an associated handout which was developed on or copied onto the web, the handouts are available to members with access to the members-only section of the website. These are not generally available to non-members, although we do provide copies to other search and rescue teams on request.

Disclaimers, warnings and caveats

On last-minute updates: Sometimes last-minute changes are made to times and locations of trainings, especially during periods of forest closures. Members are urged to call the CSAR hotline before heading out to a training or evaluation session to get any last-minute information. For the same reason, members of other teams who wish to join us in our training events are strongly encouraged to write or call us to let us know you're planning to attend so we know to call you in the event of last minute changes.

On evaluations: ALWAYS call the voicemail and leave a message indicating that you plan on attending any give evaluation session. Please do so as far in advance as humanly possible, as this helps with the planning of those sessions: if many more people show up than planned for it becomes extremely difficult to make sure everyone gets through the process in a reasonable amount of time with a minimum of loitering.

On times: In most cases, start times are firm and end times are, well, um, wishful thinking at best and pure fantasy at worst. Trainings will typically last a minimum of 3 hours under best conditions, and usually last longer. It is a rare training that ends at the projected "end time." You should pretty much plan to forfeit an entire morning and/or afternoon to a training. The purpose of trainings is to practice techniques and learn skills that we use on every mission, and it is difficult to guarantee that everyone who shows up will have had the opportunity to participate unless we leave the end time somewhat vague. We Apologize for the Inconvenience.

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